Advantages to having your own roasting business

We share the best advantages of being an entrepreneur and having your own roasting business, according to professional coffee roasters.

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Having your own roasting business is scary and comes with some risks. On the other hand, there are also many advantages. We share the advantages of being an entrepreneur, according to professional coffee roasters and Giesen distributors.

1. Financial benefits of having a roasting business

The financial benefits you can enjoy when you start your own business, will of course tempt you. Successful entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make more money because of the risks they take. For example, Vero Coffee House becomes profitable after 1-2 years, Craft House Coffee after 5 years, and Benki Brewing Tools it only took 3 months. 

2. Flexible lifestyle

As a business owner, you enjoy a flexible lifestyle because you can create your own schedule. Coffee LAB: ‘As a business owner, you be able to do exactly what and how you want. You work for yourself and your prosperity.’ Katie from Mechanic Coffee: ‘A huge advantage is the freedom to plan your day!’ 

3. Personal satisfaction

Building a new business that becomes successful offers entrepreneurs personal satisfaction. Tom Osborn from Craft House Coffee can admit this: ‘The biggest advantage of having your own business, is building and creating something you are passionate about. When you can start financially depending on something you’ve built, it is the most incredible feeling!’

4. Inspire others; be the example

You get the chance to inspire others with your courage to start your own business and with your passion for coffee and roasting coffee. In other words, you can be the good example people look for! Besides that, you get the chance to share your passion in the way you like it. Radek from Nordbeans Coffee Roasters: ‘It’s great to bring a new perspective into the coffee culture in my country.’ 

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5. Have control and make important choices

With an employer, most of the time, someone else determines your tasks and future. When you own a company, you can decide for yourself. You know your strengths and can use them optimally. Katie from Mechanic Coffee agrees: ‘I think having control over how everything flows and operates is huge – if something isn’t working, you can change it!’ 

6. Make decisions quickly

With large organizations, multiple managers have to give their blessing to a new project. If you have your own business, you can decide and agree on things quite fast. This allows you to respond immediately to new trends and opportunities. 

7. Work alongside passionate people

You create jobs and decide who will join your team. No more colleagues that you cannot get along with. You get to know amazing people who are doing the same thing as you are. Tom from Craft House Coffee: ‘Working alongside some of the best, passionate and creative people who love what they do is amazing. It inspires me every day to see how dedicated people are when they do what they love.’ Allen from Hsia-shr trading: ‘You get the chance to communicate with lots of companies around the world.’

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