Bootlegger Coffee Company from South Africa

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This is the story of our client Bootlegger Coffee Company. Bootlegger is a small chain of coffee businesses spread accross Cape Town, South Africa. Many of them are located in the vincity of the stunning Table Mountain and historically relevant Robben Island.  Their various branch stores are truly among the most spectacular locations of our clients.

Bootlegger May-39

Bootlegger Cafe Blend

Bootlegger has found its’ place in the coffee market through the never-ending challenge of trying to maximise the potential in each and every crop of green coffee they import. The Bootlegger Blend specialises in creating a coffee that anyone, from your first-time coffee drinker to a coffee connoisseur can enjoy. Whether it be consumed as an espresso or a latte, or taken home as ground coffee or as coffee beans.

Cape Quarter HR-16
Bootlegger interacts with its’ clients through very open dialogue. They know many of their customers by name through daily visits. Store managers, baristas and waitresses are all trained on being able to answer basic questions customers ask about coffee. This is to enable them to choose a coffee that makes them smile.

Meeting Giesen

‘When we started researching on buying a coffee machine, the roasting champs came up and we saw all the roasting machines were Giesen brands, which immediately installed confidence in buying the product’ said Pieter Bloem, director of Bootlegger Coffee Company.

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‘I have found the service to be top class, logging support requests online have been attended to promptly with the feeling that the Giesen support staff on the other side of the world genuinely cares about helping you fix any issue that may have arisen.’

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Future ambitions

Bootlegger is focused on growth, ready to conquer new opportunities. They have their eye on the W45A Coffee Roaster, meaning that they are steadily increasing their production. We wish them the best of luck in all of their endeavors, and hope that they will keep posting amazing photos of their business!

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