For a decade, Brandzaak has been synonymous with freshly roasted, specialty-quality coffee beans. Their commitment to delivering freshly roasted beans to their customers within a day of ordering is unparalleled. But what’s the secret behind their consistent and exceptional roasting quality? Enter Giesen Coffee Roasters.


Year of Realization


Coffee Roaster

W60A with a Catalytic Emission Cleaner

Their wish

The need for consistency and a continous partnership.

The Giesen Solution for Brandzaak

In a recent interview, Sefa, co-owner and chief roaster of Brandzaak, shared their journey with Giesen Coffee Roasters. Starting with another manufacturer, Brandzaak soon realized the need for consistency in their roasting process. Their quest for perfection led them to Giesen. Brandzaak’s association with Giesen began with the W6A model. Impressed by its performance, they soon upgraded to the W15A. Today, they proudly utilize an industrial addition – the W60A Pro which roasts 240 kg/h. The consistent roasting quality of the W60A has left Brandzaak extremely satisfied.

""Choosing Giesen went beyond just the equipment. It was the essence of a true partnership and the care they showed. Their reliable assistance, combined with the sustainable attributes of the W60A, reassured us that we were not only offering top-notch coffee but also making environmentally-conscious choices.""

Why Giesen?

For Brandzaak, the decision to choose Giesen wasn’t just about the machinery. It was the personal touch that Giesen provided. From guiding them through the entire process to offering post-purchase support and service, Giesen stood by Brandzaak. The seamless and prompt customer service, without any waiting queues, further solidified their trust in Giesen. Choosing a coffee roaster is a significant decision for any coffee roastery. It’s the roaster that determines the flavor profile of the coffee. With Giesen, Brandzaak felt confident in making the right choice, ensuring they delivered the best to their customers.

Exo-Friendly Roasting

One of the standout features of the W60A is its eco-friendliness. Coffee, being a natural product, demands an environmentally conscious approach. The W60A, with its catalyst, not only consumes less gas but also significantly reduces emissions. For Brandzaak, this was a major selling point, aligning with their commitment to the environment.

Interested in the possibilities?

When you express interest in our state-of-the-art industrial roasters, you’re not just purchasing a machine; you’re starting a collaborative partnership with us. Fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible. 

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""Our collaboration with Giesen has been a turning point. Starting with the W6A was an eye-opener in terms of performance. Now, with the W60A Pro, it's more than just roasting; it's about creating these unique coffee moments. The precision and quality it infuses into our roasting ensures that each bean is a reflection of our dedication to superior quality.""

  • The W60A Pro guarantees consistent roasting quality

  • Giesen products contribute and boost growth for ambitious roasteries

  • Not just a manufacturer but a trusted partnership