Ella Coffee

With Ella Coffee, a number of things were important before the project started. One of the key issues was the combination of high capacity and efficiency, but at the same time and reducing emissions. For this reason, this setup features, among other things, high-capacity silos and a CEC140 Catalytic Emission Cleaner.

Ella Coffee

Year of Realization


Coffee Roaster

W140A, industrial silo's with cable transport system and catalytic cleaning system

Their wish

Combining high capacity and efficiency together with reducing emissions.

The set-up

This setup has as many as 16 silos that can store both green and roasted coffee. Both a cable transport system and a vacuum transport system are used to transport the coffee. Bags of green coffee can be transported to the silos using the cable transport system. The mobile GCC cart is then used to remove the desired amount of green coffee from the silos. The vacuum system is then used to transport the coffee to the coffee roaster. This vacuum system is also equipped with a mini dust cyclone that removes unwanted dust from the vacuum system. After roasting and destoning, the coffee is transported to the silos on the other side of the set-up via the cable transport system. These eight silos are specifically for roasted coffee.

"To further increase efficiency, a pellet press was also chosen in this setup. This saves time in the whole process as the chaff collector does not have to be emptied in between. The pellets can simply be disposed of with the green waste."

Sustainable solutions

Besides efficiency, sustainability was also of great importance. For this reason, the CEC140 was installed; the largest Catalytic Emission Cleaner in our range. This ingenious device combines a generic afterburner with a catalytic converter. This results in a lower operating temperature, lower gas consumption and thus higher efficiency in this area as well. Should you be required to stay below certain emission values, the CEC140 is an excellent solution for your roastery.

Interested in the possibilities?

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"Want to know more about sustainability and reducing emissions? In our whitepaper we research the emissions caused specifically by roasting coffee and the dangers to our environment. Download the whitepaper here"

  • This setup features high-capacity silos and advanced transport systems to streamline the coffee roasting process.

  • The setup has an advanced transport system - a cable transport system for transporting coffee in and out of the silos.

  • For roasteries aiming to maintain low emission values, the CEC140 offers an optimal solution.