The Power of Conduction and Convection in Coffee Roasting

Full control over conduction and convection revolutionizes roasting, offering unprecedented flavor exploration and customization. Learn more about the subject in this article!

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The W15E is a revolutionary coffee roaster in several ways. One of them is the fact that the machine has two different heat sources; a heat cannon and three infrared panels. This is not only a cool feature, but it allows you to roast your coffee in a completely new way. In this article, we’ll tell you more about how it allows you to fully control both conduction and convection.

Understanding heat transfer

Both heat sources have unique properties when it comes to heat transfer. One operates on the principle of conduction, and the other on the principle of convection. But what exactly do these terms mean? And how can you benefit from them as a coffee roaster?

Controlling different methods of heat distribution separately is a game-changer. This significantly expands the possibilities within your roasting profiles. You can use the infrared panels for conduction heating by warming up the drum; the direct contact of the coffee beans with the drum ensures gradual and even heating of the inside of the beans. The W15E also features a heat cannon, which gives you full control over convection heating.

The power of combination

The combination of conduction and convection allows for a revolutionary approach to flavor development. After all, you’ve never had separate control over these two different heating methods. This separate control enables the development of undiscovered flavors and aromas. Experiment like never before and achieve roasting results that were previously impossible.

A fully electric coffee roaster with no compromises compared to a gas coffee roaster. This is evident not only in the technical innovations inside the roaster, but also in how they can be utilized. Our software is designed so that you can easily use the W15E despite its extensive capabilities. Want to use all heat sources separately and experiment? No problem. Want to roast coffee in automatic mode? You can do that too. This flexibility ensures that you can make coffee roasting as experimental and comprehensive as you desire.

In conclusion

The W15E coffee roaster marks a significant advancement in the field, offering precise control over the roasting process through its dual heat sources. With the ability to manipulate conduction and convection, roasters can explore new flavor profiles and achieve unprecedented levels of customization. Its user-friendly design ensures accessibility for all, making it a valuable tool for both professionals and enthusiasts alike. In essence, the W15E represents not only a technological leap but also a catalyst for creativity and exploration in the quest for the perfect cup of coffee.

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