Our FREE spring cleaning guide

Ready for spring cleaning?

Your coffee roaster is already thanking you. 

After all, cleaning and maintaining your roaster is very important. This way, you get the most out of your roaster for as long as possible. And that’s what we all want! To help you with this, we have created a spring cleaning checklist! 

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Our FREE spring cleaning guide

Who is the guide for?

For everyone who has a W6 or W15 series roaster! Or if you’re just curious on how regular maintenance on a Giesen roaster looks like. This guide contains an easy-to-use checklist, some tips and trics for getting the most out of our services and two clear videos on maintenance. 


Carefully crafted checklist featuring all the steps for an easy spring cleaning.

Info about cleaning

The steps to take when you want to take extra good care of your coffee roaster.


Our videos where our mechanic explains how how to perform daily and weekly maintenance on your Giesen roaster.