Bird Friendly coffee

We think it’s always important to look for ways to improve the coffee industry. For example, the way farmers are being paid or Fair-Trade coffee. Another certification to protect the environment, is ‘The Smithsonian Bird Friendly’ certification. What this exactly means, we will explain to you.  

When you purchase Bird Friendly certified coffee, you logically preserve critical habitat for birds and wildlife. But this certification stands for other important topics as well. 

Bird Friendly coffee

Bird Friendly certified coffee by the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center (SMBC). They developed the certificate in the late 1990s. Recently, the organization expanded to cacao. 

The quality mark protects critical habitat for birds and wildlife, but they do more than that, according to the SMBC: ‘When you purchase Bird Friendly certified coffee or cocoa, you preserve critical habitat for birds and wildlife, fight climate change, protect biodiversity, and support farmers committed to conserving bird and wildlife habitat by farming sustainably.’


The certification of Bird Friendly coffee is more complicated than you might think at first. The coffee first needs to be organic. Besides that, the organization inspects a lot of other aspects. For example, the structural diversity, weeds and herbs, buffer zones along waterways and visual characterization. 

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Updated on 17-03-2022