Bro coffee maker

Over the years, coffee professionals have come up with a variety of coffee tools. A new tool that is definitely worth mentioning is the Bro coffee maker. Let’s dive into this interesting tool to brew your coffee with.

Bro coffee maker

The Bro coffee maker was first revealed in 2013. That it’s a good invention was confirmed when the tool was nominated for the ECT awards in 2016. The coffee maker is hand made in Lithuania using local and sustainable materials. So, it’s also a good choice for the environment.

How does it work?

With the wooden tool, you can brew filter coffee sustainably. Put the linen filter inside the wooden tool and brew the coffee. Unlike many other filters, you can reuse this linen filter as many times as you like.

Emanuelis Ryklys

The inventor of this tool is Emanuelis Ryklys, a coffee professional from Lithuania. In addition to being an entrepreneur, he is also the owner of Crooked Nose and Coffee Stories, based in Vilnius.

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Updated on 10-01-2022