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Giesen is incredibly powerful, versatile and has everything you need to take your roasts to the next level. Designed so you can work, roast, and create in ways you never thought possible. A lot of expansion possibilities to roast even better. Our own designed, tested and true software.

Een Giesen voelt vertrouwd vanaf het moment dat je hem aanzet.

Meet our head of business of Giesen Coffee Roasters in India: Anand Alwan!

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Elke machine wordt door bekwame vakmensen met de hand gebouwd en individueel getest. Een hoge procesbetrouwbaarheid is gegarandeerd.

Unieke uitstraling

Wij bieden u veel ontwerpmogelijkheden, zodat u de koffiebrander van uw dromen kunt creëren.

Persoonlijke aandacht

Door een Giesen koffiebrander te kopen, bent u verzekerd van de beste ondersteuning en service van begin tot eind.

Vakmanschap gecombineerd met
Moderne Technologie

Onze koffiebranders worden geproduceerd in Ulft, een kleine stad in Nederland. Wij combineren innovatieve technologie en brandtrends met maximale controle en capaciteit. Al onze branders voldoen aan de hoogste kwaliteitsnormen. Ontwikkeld om een leven lang te kunnen branden.

De hoogste kwaliteit materialen

Door gebruik te maken van Europees staal, gietijzer en materialen van de hoogste kwaliteit hebben wij betrouwbare koffiebranders gebouwd met een lange levensduur.

Carefree roasting

Artisanale handgebouwde koffiebranders die gemakkelijk te gebruiken en betrouwbaar zijn en u de technologie bieden om bonen te branden met meer controle dan elke andere brander op de markt.

Koffie duurzaam branden

Begin nu met duurzaam koffiebranden! Verminder de uitstoot door gebruik te maken van onze elektrische branders of milieuvriendelijke oplossingen.

Giesen India

“I have had a strong passion for coffee and coffee making since my childhood. Growing up in the southern part of India, a region with a high consumption of coffee, I was exposed to many different types of coffee, including filter coffee, instant coffee, and specialty coffee. This passion led me to my current role at Giesen.”

“When it comes to my favorite type of coffee, I enjoy a medium roast filter coffee. I also appreciate a good cup of coffee with milk, which is a popular choice among Indians.”

“Giesen is one of the finest manufacturers I have come across, with a reputation for handmade, Dutch craftsmanship and 100% in-house manufacturing. This, coupled with my 20 years of experience in the coffee industry and my passion for the craft, made joining Giesen an obvious choice.

Giesen is highly respected and desired globally. The company’s unique features, such as the Giesen Profiler software (which helps roasters improve their skills), and the handmade, in-house assembly of its coffee roasters, set it apart from other companies in the industry.”

“I had heard that Giesen conducts all operations in-house, but actually visiting the factory and seeing everything firsthand was a remarkable experience. I highly recommend that anyone interested in coffee roasting take the opportunity to visit the Giesen factory and see the behind-the-scenes work that goes into producing their top-of-the-line roasters. I’m sure that everyone that visits this place, won’t leave without acquiring a roaster. The onboarding process has been warm and welcoming, and I really feel like a part of the Giesen family.”

“Customers today are well-informed and not just interested in purchasing a product, but also in the overall experience. They want consultation and solutions that are a part of their business journey. Giesen excels in this aspect, providing exceptional customer service and experience.”

“My goal for Giesen India is to become a market leader in the country. Giesen has a large portfolio and experience, as well as unique features that will help us achieve this goal in a short amount of time. We will be putting in a significant effort to make this happen.”