Cooling phase

Roasting coffee consists of several phases. Whereas it starts with the drying phase, it all ends with the cooling phase. We will tell you everything about this last roasting phase.  

Coffee roasting: several phases 

During the coffee roasting process, the green bean that you put into the roaster undergoes several stages before it comes out of the roaster nice and brown. The four phases you can distinguish from each other are drying, browning, roasting, and cooling. The last one is where we are talking about today. 

The cooling phase 

After all the phases we named above, it’s time for the cooling phase. At this point, the beans are roasted and already have their brown color. This phase is very important because you need to stop the roasting process when you are done roasting. If you don’t do this, it can affect the flavor of the beans and eventually the coffee. This phase is quite simple: you need to release the beans and let them fall into the cooling sieve. That’s when the process really starts! The beans need to be cooled within 4 to 5 minutes. This way you can end the roasting phase as quickly as possible. 

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Updated on 14-12-2021