The second wave of coffee

In this article we will tell you more about the most important developments that took place during the second wave of coffee. The “Waves of Coffee” is a designation of different periods that indicate the development of coffee consumption. A total of 5 waves can be described, all of which have their own characteristic developments.

Second wave of coffee – Coffee as a lifestyle / to enjoy

In the early 1990s, the second wave of coffee began. During this period, coffee became a lifestyle product. Think of the rise of chains like Starbucks, the infiltration of coffee shop culture into television series, and an overall rise in really enjoying quality coffee. Coffee transformed into a beverage consumed for pleasure and not necessarily to get your caffeine fix.

Particularly in the area of quality, a huge step was taken during this period. Cities like Seattle where Starbucks opened its first branch are the founders of this movement. The overall demand for espresso-based beverages grew. The coffee shop was described as ‘the third place’; the place besides home (place 1) and work (place 2) where you spend a lot of time.

second wave

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Updated on 08-12-2021