Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters

Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters, a renowned name in the coffee industry, has been on a journey of growth and excellence, and Giesen has been their trusted partner along the way.

Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters

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W60A Pro

Their wish

Transitioning from a smaller roaster to an industrial-sized one.

The Transition to Giesen’s Industrial Roaster

Transitioning from a smaller roaster to an industrial-sized one can be daunting. However, for Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters, the move from the Giesen W15 series to the W60A Pro was seamless. The W60A Pro not only maintained the consistency and quality they were accustomed to but also added another layer of efficiency due to its size and scale. The roaster’s capacity allowed them to roast larger batches without compromising the coffee’s flavor profile.

"Giesen's customer service is truly unparalleled. From Tom in the UK to the team in the Netherlands, we've always felt supported. Whether it's a simple query or assistance with installation, they've been there for us, ensuring we can focus on what we truly love - roasting exceptional coffee."

Scaling Up with Giesen

Before acquiring the W60A, Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters were roasting five days a week, with 35 batches a day. The W60A has provided them with the breathing space to perfect their roasting profiles and focus on other aspects of their business. The scalability offered by the W60A ensures that they can meet growing demands effortlessly, allowing them to confidently cater to larger orders and continue their growth trajectory.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters have been effusive in their praise for Giesen’s customer service. From the knowledgeable UK-based representative, Tom, to the efficient team in the Netherlands, Giesen’s support has been steadfast. Whether it’s addressing simple queries, assisting with installation, or providing financial solutions, Giesen’s team has been responsive, flexible, and attentive. For coffee roasteries looking to scale their operations without compromising on quality, Giesen Coffee Roasters presents the perfect solution. With state-of-the-art machinery backed by exceptional customer service, Giesen ensures that roasteries can focus on what they do best – delivering exquisite coffee to their customers.

Interested in the possibilities?

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"Transitioning to Giesen's W60A Pro was one of the best decisions we made. It's not just about the size; it's about the consistency, quality, and efficiency that this roaster brings to our operations. We can now roast larger batches without ever worrying about compromising on the flavor profile of our coffee."

  • Seamless transition from a Giesen W15A to a W60A Pro coffee roaster

  • The best customer service sets Giesen apart

  • The W60A Pro roaster provides the scalability that coffee roasteries need to meet growing demands