Udi’s Goodies in Bussum

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For this blog we are interviewing our Dutch customers to get a glimpse of the coffee world and their passion for good coffee. For this blogpost we interviewed Udi Pilnik, owner of Udi’s Goodies in Bussum the Netherlands.

About Udi’s Goodies

Udi's Goodies in BussumUdi’s Goodies has opened it’s doors 7 years ago as a shop for food-gifts and delicatessen. The owner Udi Pilnik is Swiss by birth and grew up in the Netherlands. It is his nature to enjoy good food and to collect pure and special products. Two years ago he felt the need to change the concept of his store. He moved his store to a new location and explored the idea of producing a high quality product himself. He had always sold coffee as part of his delicacies assortment, but now started the experiment of roasting coffee himself.

Starting as a coffee roaster

Udi's Goodies in BussumSince Udi was new to coffee roasting, he decided to start with a course in roasting coffee. Besides that he read a lot about coffee, coffee roasting, went to coffee exhibitions and visited several producers of coffee roasting machines. In the new store Udi chose to install the Giesen W6A very close to the shop windows. So now you can see the machine and the roasting very well from the outside. During a couple of months Udi took the time to experiment and find his own roast profile. He did a lot of testing, sample roasting and asked coffee connoisseurs for advice on the taste.

The joy of coffee roasting

“In coffee roasting I truly found my passion” Udi explains.

Udi's Goodies in Bussum“I have always had a passion for cooking, food and delicatessen and have worked as bartender, chef, in catering and in several restaurants. Having my own store Udi’s Goodies in delicatessen, truly makes me happy. But even so there is nothing like creating a beautiful product yourself. Coffee roasting is the perfect mix of knowledge, experience, craftsmanship, my own perspective and influence. In the end you have a large influence as a coffee roaster. Even if you have the same coffee roaster and the same green beans, when some one else roasts the beans the taste will be different.”

The coffee of Udi’s Goodies

As a coffee roaster Udi’s Goodies aims for continuity. His customers are coffee lovers that love the taste of his coffee and he finds it important that they can rely on this exact taste time after time, independent of the batch it comes from. This is why he expands his range of coffees only slowly. For now his main coffee bean is the Brasil Cerrado in medium and dark roast.

The coffee is low in acidity and has a low bitterness which is typical of Brasilian coffee. A fairly long roasting time is applied to roast these beans. Udi’s specific way of roasting causes a pleasant and very long-lasting aftertaste. This is called “The Brasilian Zing”.

Since a couple of months Udi’s Koffiebranderij also offers a Peruvian coffee with its own strict roast profile and constant pleasurable taste. In the future Udi aims to enhance his knowledge about coffee roasting in order to offer more and ever better coffees.

Why Giesen Coffee Roasters

It is now 2 years ago that Udi’s Goodies purchased a W6A Coffee Roaster and we asked Udi Pilnik why he has chosen our roaster.

“The Giesen W6A is a compact and reliable machine which produces very Udi's Goodies in Bussumconstant results. It’s a great advantage that Giesen is a Dutch company and that the parts are manufactured in the Netherlands as well. This makes communication easy for me. Because they produce the roasters themselves there is a lot of detailed knowledge about the machine and the modern technology of the roaster. Besides that I really liked that they are very helpful, willing to think along and solution-oriented. I just have a good feeling about Giesen Coffee Roasters.”

mehr Informationen

You can visit the website of Udi’s Goodies oder Facebook page of Udi’s Koffiebranderij for more information. Should you have any questions for us, feel free to contact us.

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