World Coffee Roasting / TaKao Championships featuring Giesen roasters!

Read all about the World Coffee Roasting / TaKao Championships featuring Giesen roasters! Both take place in Taiwan.

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In just a few weeks, coffee enthusiasts and roasters from around the globe will gather in Taiwan for an event that promises to be a coffee lover’s dream come true. The World Coffee Roasting Championship (WCRC) is set to take center stage at the Taiwan International Coffee Show, and the anticipation is palpable. With a lineup of top-tier competitors and state-of-the-art equipment, this event is sure to be one for the books. In this article, we’ll delve into what makes the WCRC so special and what attendees can look forward to at this exciting coffee extravaganza.

WCRC: A showcase of roasting excellence

The World Coffee Roasting Championship is an annual event that celebrates the art and science of coffee roasting. It provides a platform for some of the world’s most skilled coffee roasters to showcase their talent. They compete for the prestigious title of World Coffee Roasting Champion. This competition is not just about brewing a delicious cup of coffee but also about the craft and precision that goes into the roasting process.

The Giesen W6A roasters at the Giesen factory – all ready to roast!

Giesen W6A Roasters at the heart of the competition

This year’s WCRC will feature a total of eight Giesen W6A coffee roasters. These roasters are being shipped to Taiwan specifically for the competition. They will be used by carefully qualified candidates to vie for the world title. The Giesen W6A roasters are equipped with advanced technology that allows roasters to have precise control over the roasting process. Ensuring that each batch of beans is roasted to perfection. The use of these roasters in the competition not only levels the playing field but also raises the bar for the quality of coffee that can be produced.

Competitors from Around the World

Coffee roasters from all corners of the world will come together in Taiwan to participate in the WCRC. Each competitor has undergone rigorous qualification processes to ensure that only the best of the best make it to the world stage. With a diverse pool of talent and a wide range of roasting styles, the competition promises to be both intense and exhilarating.

The 2023 World Coffee Roasting Championship will take place in Taipei, Taiwan from November 17-20.

Last year, Felix Teiretzbacher won the event. Other podium places went to Simo Christidi (2), Wisnu Aji Pratter (3) and Alex Nerantzis (4).

TaKao coffee competition: local heroes compete for the title

While the WCRC promises to be a thrilling showcase of roasting talent, the Takao Coffee Competition adds an extra layer of excitement with a unique prize on the line. Let’s explore what makes the Takao Coffee Competition special and what participants can expect as they vie for the coveted Giesen W6A roaster.

Brewing something special

The Takao Coffee Competition is no ordinary coffee contest. Held every two years, this event serves as a stage for baristas and coffee enthusiasts to demonstrate their exceptional skills. While the competition may be fierce, there’s a unique twist that sets it apart from the rest – the winner will have the opportunity to take home one of the renowned Giesen W6A roasters as their grand prize. This coveted roaster is not just a symbol of victory but also a valuable addition to any coffee professional’s arsenal.

Coffee roasters for the TaKao Coffee Competition are also all set.

Best wishes to all competitors

As the Takao Coffee Competition approaches, we extend our best wishes to all the participants. The road to victory in this competition is challenging, but the rewards are worth every ounce of effort. May the most skilled barista emerge victorious and claim the Giesen W6A roaster. A piece of coffee roasting excellence, as their well-deserved prize.

The 2023 World Coffee Roasting Championship will take place in Kaohsiung, Taiwan from November 25-26.

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