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This year’s edition of World of Coffee was a paradise for coffee lovers worldwide. With a wide selection of coffee professionals, it was THE opportunity to check out the latest coffee trends and drink the best coffee you ever tasted and of course check out the Giesen roasters live 😉. We are happy that so many of you took the time to come and meet us and check out our stand. We loved meeting you and seeing your reactions because this year we aimed to surprise you. Here are our highlights.

Virtual Reality

In our VR-area, you had the possibility to view our biggest machines up-close. Our VR-expert Mecky was there to be your guide during this virtual tour and make sure you had a great virtual experience.

Made in Holland

This year’s theme was “Made in Holland” and with our typically Dutch roasters we loved to show you that with a Giesen roaster there are a lot of customization options. We showed a sample roaster in bright Dutch orange, our W6A in amazingly bright yellow and black and our W15A in Delfts blue design. Which got a lot of great reactions.


We wanted to surprise you at the World of Coffee and show you that in the hands of an artist and craftsman, a roaster can turn into a piece of art. Our skilled graffiti artist rocked it, with a mechanic steampunk like graffiti drawing on our W1E. So if you would like an original and custom roaster don’t hesitate to contact us. With a Giesen roaster, YOU can create the roaster of your dreams. A special thanks to Alexandru Niculae, World Roasting Champion 2016 who was so kind to sign our W1E and make it even more special.

Artisanal Roasters

Whether you’re a home roaster or a megastore we offer you artisanal roasters. High-quality roasters that offer you the technology to roast beans with more control than any other roaster and options to design the roaster of your dreams. And we would like to thank all the top-notch barista’s from all over the World that shared their knowledge, art, and amazing coffee with us. We were honored to offer a stage to you all.


We also would like to congratulate Agnieszka Rojewska, the winner of the World Barista Championship 2018 who used our W15ALex Wenneker 2nd place using our W6A, and Mathieu Theis 3rd place, with their accomplishments! Time flies when you are having fun and before we knew it, it was Saturday. On the last day of the event, our team paid us a visit! About 40 Giesen employees came to Amsterdam to check out our stand and with their crew shirt turned the RAI orange! Thanks guys for visiting us 😊

Don’t miss our highlights on Instagram

We will be posting a lot of pictures on Instagram of our stand at the World of Coffee 2018, which offer a look back at last weeks highlights.

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