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World Coffee Roasting Championship

Coffee Roasting Championship

The World Coffee Roasting Championship was held at the Taiwan International Coffee week. Giesen returned proudly as the Official Production Roaster Sponsor. Our team was there to support the competitors during this incredible competition. No fewer than twenty-three competitors took part in the competition. The event took place at Taiwan International Coffee Show in Taipei, Taiwan.

4 days of competition

Every competitor went through different stages during the world Coffee Roasting Championship. For example green bean evaluation, sample roasting, production roasting and blend roasting. After four days of competing the winners received a trophy from our sales manager, Marc Weber. The first place went to Arseny Kuznetsov from Russia. The second place is for Bogdan Georgescu of Romania and the third place is for Mateusz Karczweski representing Poland.

We recently interviewed one of the competitors from Sweden, you can read the article here.

Everyone at Giesen wants to congratulate the competitors and wants to thank the organisation. Also thanks to everyone who made this event possible! Proud to be a part of this event. We hope to see you next year!

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