Tran Que Han – Vietnamese Barista Champion of 2016

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Tran Que Han

June 13 to 15 Giesen Coffee Roasters will exhibit at World of Coffee 2017 in Budapest. We hope many of you will visit the World of Coffee in Budapest as well. You are more than welcome to visit our stand, E20, in Hall G!

Providing you with a freshly brewed cup of coffee are our barista’s, our dealers and friends from Bosgaurus Coffee in Vietnam. Among them is the Vietnamese Barista Champion of 2016 Tran Que Han, Vietnam’s first – and only – Barista Champion. Vietnam started participating in 2016. Given the upcoming Expo, we are delighted to feature Tran Que Han in our Blog.

Han works at Bosgaurus Coffee, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This business operates as a coffee roastery and gives barista workshops. They value interacting with their clients, sharing all of their knowledge with them and, above all, provide them with an exquisite cup of coffee!

How did you get involved in the coffee business?

“Around four years ago, when I still worked as a part-timer in a restaurant, I met lots of people who were really passionate about coffee. Their passion and devotion inspired me so much that I gradually fell in love with coffee and decided to go on a new journey as a barista.”

What are you most passionate about?

“Being a barista makes my life more meaningful. I love talking about my passion for coffee and sharing what I know.”

What is the coffee market like in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, mainly Robusta is grown for all kinds of purposes. Local people prefere coffee that has an overly sweet taste from condensed milk and sugar, backed up with the bitterness of darkly-roasted Robusta and artificial flavors from chemicals or butter. That is why, as of yet, little attention is paid to the “real” flavors of coffee and quality.

Although most consumers are not  really ready for Arabica yet, there are still some people who pay attention to Arabica and work as hard as they can to improve the quality and persuade the consumers. Everything is progressing slowly but so far so good.

You seem very motivated. What is it that drove you to compete – and ultimately succeed in the Barista Championship?

“I think the thought of wanting to improve myself has driven me to compete and succeed in the Barista Championship. That thought helps me to stay motivated whenever I want to push my limit further in order to achieve a result that’s beyond my expectation.”

What qualities does a good barista posess?

“In my opinion, it’s all about professionalism, hospitality and humility.”

What is your relationship with Giesen Coffee Roasters?

“At Bosgaurus Coffee, we use 2 Giesen Coffee Roasters to roast all of our coffee and we use them in our trainings as well. My boss and my customers totally love it!”


“I will compete again to see how far I’ve come. The competition is one of the rare opportunities where I can meet lots of professionals and learn from them. My upcoming competitions are the Vietnam National Barista Championship 2017, and the Aeropress Championship (if possible).

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