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For this blog we are interviewing our Dutch customers to get a glimpse of the world of coffee and their passion for it. This blogpost will be all about Miss Morrison in the charming Dutch town of Delft.

Miss Morrison coffee roaster DelftMiss Morrison coffee roaster Delft

In the city centre of the small historical town of Delft lies the coffee roastery of Miss Morrison. The passion of the owner Cisca Colijn is as simple as it is ardent: to let people enjoy their daily cup of coffee. This is what drives her and this is why she started Miss Morrison a year ago.

“I love it when people can really enjoy their coffee and this starts with a smile when they come in.”

Learning from the Italians

Cisca Colijn has over 10 years of experience in the coffee and tea branche. About five years ago she came up with the idea of starting a business of her own. She decided to go to Italy first to learn more from the roasters there within the liveliness of the Italian coffee culture. Here she discovered the passion for roasting coffee and it became clear that she needed to roast coffee herself if she wanted to serve the best cup of coffee. With the consent of her investor she was able to buy her own coffee  and to dedicate herself to the craft of coffee roasting. The team of Miss Morrison now counts 4 persons and is open 4 days a week.

Coffee with a view

Miss Morrison roastingWe asked Cisca about her view on coffee. What should a good cup of coffee taste like? “I think coffee should taste like coffee and I therefore choose to be a medium roaster. This brings out the best coffee flavours from the beans with tones of chocolate, caramel, nuts and fruits.” At Miss Morrison they therefore do not follow the hype of light roasting which increases the acidic flavour of coffee. “Coffee should remain coffee”, is her opinion.

Education on Coffee

At Miss Morrison they value the story of the coffee. Where does the coffee come from? What if a harvest fails? Who are the farmers that cultivate the coffee plantations? These are questions worth asking. This is why Cisca Colijn makes sure that her supplier buys coffee directly from the plantations in the country of origin, so the provenance is ensured and the farmers receive a fair price. To share their knowledge and passion for coffee there is a ‘koffie college’ every 4-6 weeks on Saturday mornings. Everyone who is interested about coffee is welcome to attend and hear the story behind our daily cup of coffee.

Why Giesen Coffee Roasters?

We asked Cisca Colijn of Miss Morrison why she chose a W6 Giesen Coffee Roaster.

“The main reason for choosing a Giesen Coffee Roaster was the company itself and their personal approach. They explained me everything when I visited their factory, exactly how the process works. Wilfred Giesen was genuinely interested in my plans and really thought along with me.”

“The fact that they are a family owned company and Dutch was a plus for me. Their attention felt really personal and involved and I was surprised to learn afterwards that they were such a big player on the international market!”

We are very happy that Cisca decided to choose our W6A Coffee Roaster for Miss Morrison.

Meer informatie

You can visit the website of Miss Morrison for more information. Should you have any questions for us, feel free to contact us.

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