Our special customer in Germany: Lebenshilfe Zollernalb

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Most of our customers run a commercial business like a coffee roastery, coffee bar or shop. All of them are passionate about coffee. Some of our customers are however extra special. In this blogpost we will give some attention to our customer Lebenshilfe Zollerhalb in Germany. They help mentally disabled people to live as independently as possible, using our Giesen Coffee Roasters.

Lebenshilfe Zollernalb foundation

Lebenshilfe Zollernalb is located in the region of Zollernalbkreis in the south of Germany. The objective of Lebenshilfe is the well-being of people with mental disability and their families. It is committed to ensuring
that disabled people can live as independently as possible. They help people from childhood to a high age. When they are growing up, the foundation provides the aid and support they need. The Lebenshilfe of Zollernalb is active for almost 50 years now and has over 600 members.

Roasting coffee as meaningful work

An important part of the aid that Zollernalb offers are meaningful activities. That way, the disabled people can participate in the working life as well. There are several activities available like working in the production of metal and plastic, cleaning room or catering. Roasting coffee is also an available activity. It started out in 2008 when we supplied a W1 and W15 Coffee Roaster. After that, in 2011 they ordered an additional W15. With these roasters they offer their members the opportunity to roast fresh coffee beans by themselves. Lebenshilfe Zollernalb is a member of the “German Röstergilde”. The roast coffee is being sold in their own shop. This also leads to other related activities. For example brewing coffee, gift service, packaging, coffee events, catering and an internet shop.

The coffee of Lebenshilfe Zollernalb

In the shop of Lebenshilfe Zollernalb you will find a wide selection of delicious coffees and coffee specialties. The coffee is being roasted according to the principles of the “German Röstergilde”. This means, for example, that they insure special attention to quality, health awareness, fairness, sustainability and transparency around the topic of coffee. They roast and sell over 20 different coffees. They varieties from Australia , Ethiopia, Ecuador , Guatemala, India, Indonesia , Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and various blends or coffee gifts for every occasion.

If you want more information about Lebenshilfe Zöllernalb, you can visit their website here. They also have a special site for their roasting practice and coffee. Check it out here

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