Refurbished roasters

Introducing our refurbished coffee roasters: quality performance, affordable solutions.

Elevate your roasting experience with our carefully curated selection of machines, specially chosen for our refurbished program. Restored to brand new condition, these roasters function like new, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

Not only do our refurbished roasters come at a more affordable price point, but they also cater to the needs of coffee roasteries. Equipped with the latest control panel, including state-of-the-art Profiler capabilities and other advanced features, these machines ensure a seamless and efficient roasting process.

The refurbishment process

Every machine in our Giesen Coffee Roaster program undergoes an overhaul to ensure peak performance and reliability. Our refurbishment process includes:

Control panel upgrade
Cutting-edge roasting control with a brand-new control panel, offering the latest features and technology.

Complete new paint finish
Each machine receives a fresh coat of paint, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and providing protection.

Renewal of all moving parts
All moving parts are replaced and upgraded, guaranteeing smooth operation and minimizing downtime.

About our refurbishment procedure

Giesen Coffee Roasters have an extended lifespan, primarily because of the use of high-quality materials and the robust operational intensity of the roasters. While many businesses upgrade to the latest technology, they often possess operational coffee roasters. To address this, our offer stands: when you purchase a new Giesen coffee roaster, we provide the option to trade in your existing machine, rewarding you with an enticing trade-in premium.

With three decades of expertise in manufacturing both components and complete coffee roasters, our company possesses lots of knowledge in refurbishing and tailoring adjustments to pre-owned coffee roasters. This wealth of experience is dedicated to breathing new life into previously used Giesen roasters. Given the longevity of our coffee roasters, renovation is a great option. This is because refurbishment stands for a financial advantage, upgrading to the latest technology and being environmentally responsible. 

Interested in a refurbished roaster?

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