W30A Pro

High volume roasting - fully automated.

Einführung der neuen W30A Pro, with the ability to roast completely automatic. Automate your entire roasting process while roasting 120 kilos an hour. Available now.

Hopper intake

Automatic GCC system

Automated discharge roasted beans

Automated discharge cooled beans

Touch-screen operated

Maintenance doors for easy cleaning

What are you looking for in a roaster?

Consistency? Automated roasting? Great design? Quality? Our W30A Pro has it all! Automated roasting to getting your roasts under control with the W30A Pro. We believe that quality and functionality should always go together, and this reflects in our newest development.

  • High volume Kaffeerösten

  • Advanced und professional coffee roasting

  • Automated process for ultimate control

Double your productivity instantly!

The main feature of this roaster is that the W30A Pro can be controlled automatically. Roasting will never feel the same again!

Control the intake, stirrer, cooling fan and discharge no longer from an HMI but directly from Giesen Profiler.

Automated process


The green coffee conveyor, which transports your beans directly into the hopper, is optional with the W30A Pro. This means no more heavy lifting and reduced manual handling tasks so you can focus fully on the things that matter. 

Advanced cooling

The precise control of the stirrer’s speed and the cooling fan’s power determine the speed at which your coffee beans cool after the roast. Once the cooling process is done you can automatically load your beans our of the cooling sieve.

Intelligente Kaffeeröstung

This software is invented to record your roasting sessions and to repeat profiles automatically. It helps you keep track of all your roasting sessions and lets you export them. Basically, Giesen Profiler saves you valuable time. So experience the possibilities as the software is fully integrated with the W30A Pro.

W30A Pro and Profiler - A perfect match

The Giesen Profiler paired with the Giesen W30A Pro coffee roaster offers unprecedented control over the roasting process. Its “if-when” system automates adjustments to various parameters, providing precision while freeing up time for other tasks. 

The Profiler’s data analytics capabilities can fine-tune the process to ensure consistent and high-quality roasts every time. Enhance your roastery’s capabilities with the Giesen Profiler and W30A Pro.

Persönliche Beratung

Wir sind für Sie da! Lassen Sie uns bei einer Tasse Kaffee alle Möglichkeiten besprechen und den perfekten Röster für Sie finden.

Unser Ziel ist es, die Kaffeeröstung so einfach und professionell wie möglich zu gestalten und gemeinsam mit Ihnen Ihr Unternehmen auf die nächste Stufe zu heben. Wir denken mit Ihnen mit und stellen einen maßgeschneiderten Röster her, der alle Ihre Anforderungen erfüllt und einen Mehrwert für Ihr Unternehmen darstellt.  

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