From Inquiry to Installation

When you express interest in our state-of-the-art industrial roasters, you’re not just purchasing a machine; you’re starting a collaborative partnership with us.

Phase 1
Initial Exploration
Upon receiving your inquiry, our dedicated sales team springs into action. First they will determine with you if your request is a custom project or a classic project.

When you need a custom project our salesteam will first visit your premises to understand your needs and global requirements for the custom project. This visit is crucial to gather basic data for a preliminary quote. After the visit, our team convenes to discuss how best to fulfill your requirements. Based on this, we craft an initial, broad quote, which gives you a clear picture of our classic offerings.
Phase 1
Phase 2
Deep Dive
Should you show further interest, we dive deeper. Our sales and projects teams revisit your site. This time, the focus is on understanding the specifics: your exact requirements, the layout of your premises, and any unique challenges you might face.

With inputs from various departments, including finance, engineering, project management and sales, we create a detailed, tailored quote. This comprehensive document reflects a collaborative effort, ensuring that every aspect of your needs is addressed.
Phase 2
Phase 3
Final Touches
After sending you our detailed quote, we’re open to feedback. If there are modifications or clarifications needed, we’re here to assist. Any changes are discussed and incorporated, ensuring that the final quote aligns perfectly with your vision.

Throughout this process, every quote undergoes rigorous checks by our senior team members, ensuring accuracy and transparency. Once finalized, the quote is sent to you, starting the the quotation process.
Phase 3

See for yourself

Look at a selection of a few of our completed projects. Discover our expertise and the depth of our creativity. Together we set up collaborative partnerships to establish the best end result.