W6A Pro

Tostar café como un profesional

Presentación del nuevo W6A Procon la capacidad de tostar de forma completamente automática. Pida con antelación este tostador de café esencial. Available now.

Hopper intake

Automatic GCC system

Automated discharge roasted beans

Automated discharge cooled beans

Touch-screen operated

Additional maintenance doors for easy cleaning

What are you looking for in a roaster?

Consistency? Automated roasting? Great design? Quality? Our W6A Pro has it all! Automated roasting to getting your roasts under control with the W6 Pro. We believe that quality and functionality should always go together, and this reflects in our newest development.

  • An upgrade of our most sold model 

  • Advanced y professional coffee roasting

  • Automated proces for more control

Double your productivity instantly!

As with Giesen’s larger coffee roasters, the W6A Pro can be controlled automatically. Roasting will never feel the same again!

Control the intake, stirrer, cooling fan and discharge no longer from an HMI but directly from Giesen Profiler.

Automated process

Transportador de café verde

The green coffee conveyor, which transports your beans directly into the hopper, is optional with the W6 Pro. This means no more heavy lifting and reduced manual handling tasks so you can focus fully on the things that matter. 

Advanced cooling

The precise control of the stirrer’s speed and the cooling fan’s power determine the speed at which your coffee beans cool after the roast. Once the cooling process is done you can automatically load your beans our of the cooling sieve.

Tostado inteligente del café

This software is invented to record your roasting sessions and to repeat profiles automatically. It helps you keep track of all your roasting sessions and lets you export them. Basically, Giesen Profiler saves you valuable time. So experience the possibilities as the software is fully integrated with the W6 Pro.

Benefits compared to the W6A

  • Adjustable control panel with shelf

    Store useful items while roasting

  • Capacity up to 7 kilograms per batch ​

    Due to the efficiency of the roaster, the capacity for the W6 Pro is 7 kg's.​

  • Cooling time under 2 minutes

    Create your own cooling settings by controlling the stirrer and the cooling fan precisely.

  • Including Giesen Profiler

    Control the coffee roaster with our own advanced Giesen Profiler.

  • Automated roasting process

    Automatic control of stirrer, coolingfan, discharge and intake

  • Premix burner

    Accurate control of the burner.

  • LED Lights

    Led lights installed above the cooling sieve which are operated through triggers.

  • Easier cleaning

    Cleaning without removing the cooling sieve.

Consejos personales

¡Estamos aquí para ti! Con una taza de café, hablemos de todas las opciones y encontremos el tostador perfecto para usted.

Nuestro objetivo es hacer que el tueste de café sea lo más fácil y profesional posible y juntos llevar su negocio al siguiente nivel. Pensamos junto con usted y producimos un tostador personalizado que se ajusta a todas sus necesidades y añade valor a su negocio.  

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