Gesha Village Coffee Estate: A Decade of Passion, Excellence, and Nostalgia

The story of Gesha Village Coffee Estate is a remarkable journey of Rachel Samuel and Adam Overton, a couple who left behind their careers in photography and documentary filmmaking in Los Angeles to pursue their love for coffee. They pursued their mission that started in 2012, together with Giesen Ambassador Willem Boot, who also founded Geisha coffee farms in Panama. With a mission to create the highest quality coffee possible, they embarked on a path of artistry, love, and attention to detail. Today, Gesha Village Coffee Estate has become synonymous with luxury and is celebrated among coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

A Passionate Pursuit

Driven by their love for Ethiopian coffee, Rachel, Adam and Willem set out to elevate the taste and experience of coffee. They saw an opportunity to add their own touch of craftsmanship and attention to every step of the coffee-making process. Their vision was to fill a gap in the market and cater to the high-end segment, much like Panamanian Gesha fills the ultimate luxury market for coffee lovers. With this inspiration, their journey began.

A Global Phenomenon

Gesha Village Coffee Estate soon became known as “the coffee lover’s coffee farm,” gaining recognition and admiration from competitors, roasters, and coffee connoisseurs around the globe. Over the past decade, their brand has grown and flourished. Expanding its reach to customers in various countries, from South Africa to Kazakhstan. Their influence extends beyond Ethiopia, inspiring farmers across the African continent, as well as in South and Central America.

Milestones and Achievements

Reflecting on the past ten years, Gesha Village Coffee Estate has achieved numerous milestones and made a significant impact. The farm has made numerous contributions to the coffee industry over the past decade. They have established a new coffee origin within Ethiopia, pioneered coffee auctions, and gained global recognition for their exceptional coffee. They have empowered farmers and set consistently high prices, earning industry recognition and pioneering micro-lots. Their community outreach efforts have had a positive impact, and they have shown resilience in the face of challenges. Through dedication and global partnerships, they have achieved substantial growth, contributing to the economic development of the entire region around Gesha Village Estate.

In conclusion

This month’s Behind The Roast focuses on roasting strategies for washed and for natural coffees. For this purpose, we are using a sample of washed Gesha Village Estate and a sample of natural processed Gesha Village coffee. For next month’s Behind The Roast we are planning to come back to Gesha Village for an in depth farm visit.

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