Giesen transport: all you need to know

It is time to clarify the Giesen coffee roasters transport options. That way you can use your own Giesen roaster in no time.

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We believe that transport should never be the problem when you want to buy a Giesen roaster. That’s why we offer a variety of transportation options. It is time to clarify all of them. That way you can use your own Giesen coffee roaster in no time. Let’s dive into it!

Do you deliver outside of Europe? My business is in the city center and difficult to reach, can I order a roaster? Can I only choose road transport or are there other options? These are all questions we receive often. It is time to answer all of them.

Giesen transport all over the world

Our roasters are handmade in our production hall in a small village in the Netherlands. Ordering a Giesen may be step one, but then delivery follows. But don’t you worry. We offer various transport options. We transport our Giesen roasters all over the world. For example, in the past, we have delivered roasters to Hawaii, Tahiti Island, and Greenland. An exception is parts of Iran given the situation in the country. You can get more information about this from our sales team.

Giesen arranges the transport

If you let Giesen arrange your transport from door to door, there are several possibilities of transport. You can choose from road transport, sea freight, or air freight. It all depends on the preferences of the client and the location of the roastery.

To discuss costs, we also offer the option, if you choose air freight, to pick up the roaster yourself at the airport.

Ex works

In addition to Giesen taking care of the transport, you can also opt for ‘ex works’. Here you will look for a transporter who picks up the roaster at our factory in the Netherlands. This way, you keep full control over the transport of your coffee roaster or accessory.


Would you like to outsource not only the transport to Giesen but also the installation and training? That is also an option! We unburden the customer by transporting the roaster, installing it, and providing training at the customer’s site. Normally a customer needs to be in Europe for this, but if a customer outside Europe is interested in this option, then this can still be realized for a fee.

Besides the type of transport, there are several things to consider. We will discuss these in the next blog.

Note: Given corona, we are forced to take additional measures. We are trying to fly as little as possible at the moment. Currently, we ask our customers to make an online installation appointment where possible. This way, we can help them the same way as we did before, Just not in real life.

Giesen coffee roasters transport

Do you have any questions about transport as a result of this blog? Feel free to contact our sales team for more information.

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