Barista Hugh Kelly’s coffee top 5

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The Host Milano is getting closer every day! We’re so excited about joining this exhibition. Next to the Host Milan, the 2021 Milan World Coffee Championships are also taking place. Featuring the World Barista Championship, World Brewers Cup and World Cup Tasters Championship. We are sponsoring Hugh Kelly who is a competitor at the World Barista Championship. He is a 3-times Australian Barista Champion and World Barista Championships Finalist and definitely no stranger to Giesen.

“The most amazing thing about these roasters is the level of control and ability for the ONA Coffee Roasting team to be able to tweak subtle details in roast profile and be able to hit a profile and get a coffee right without a trial batch. This has been especially handy when we have only 1kg of a special coffee and must get it right.

Hugh Kelly

With his experience, he has tasted and roasted a lot of different coffees over the years. Thinking back over the 5 best coffees of Hugh’s life included all coffees roasted on a Giesen:

  • Euginoides espresso 2020 Hugh’s Australian Barista Championship espresso, roasted on the W1 Series. Sparkling passionfruit and pineapple, guava nectar and creamy coating mouthfeel. The first espresso Hugh has tasted to receive a 6/6!
  • Raspberry Candy Milk Coffee Sudan Rume Sasa Sestic 2015 – changed the world of milk coffee for many people, raspberry candy and vanilla ice cream. Roasted on W1 Series
  • Sam Corra Finca Deborah Whole Cherry Washed pourover 2nd place World Brewers Cup 2017 – Super clean, sparkling acid, jelly like texture and perfumed pink fruits. Roasted on W15A
  • Hugh Kelly Finca Deborah Whole Cherry Washed WBC 2017 – at 3 times in this competition people thought someone was wearing perfume, this was the most floral coffee any of us have ever tasted. Roasted on the W15A.
  • Agnieszka Rojewska WBC finals espresso 2018 – World winning espresso, flawless creamy mouthfeel, juicy acid structure and pristine clean fresh stone fruit flavours. Roasted on the W15A.

“All our coffees were roasted with very different roast profiles and were very different in style. Most roasters have a specific style or tendency in the coffees they can produce, however Giesen is extremely versatile; it has produced some of the cleanest and most transparent coffees of my life but also some of the most intense flavored and textured coffees too.”

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