Giesen Coffee Roasters is going to Seoul

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CafeShowGiesen Coffee Roasters is going to Seoul! Our Korean team has organized our stand and presence at the Cafe Show in Seoul from 22 – 24th of November. In the last days they have been very busy with all the preparations. Our coffee roasters are already there, patiently waiting for the exhibition to open, and one special package is on its way. In the meanwhile we in the Netherlands are packing our own bags and will get on the plain this Friday to join our Korean colleagues. We hope to see you there too!

Cafe Show 2013: Inspire the world

The Cafe Show in Seoul is a well known international exhibition which focuses on coffee, tea and bakery products. On this exhibition you can explore the world of cold and hot coffee products, tea, coffee beans, espresso machines, grinders, equipment, bakery products and of course coffee roasters. With a size of 30.000 sqm and 100.000 expected visitors this event has become the biggest coffee focussed exhibition in Asia. The theme of 2013 is ‘inspire the world’ and we are happy that our coffee roasters participate in such an event.

Giesen Coffee Roasters in Seoul

From the Netherlands Wilfred Giesen, Davey Giesen and Marc Weber will attend the Cafe Show from Friday 22 until Sunday 24 November. We are looking forward to experience this event alongside our excellent Korean team, who are representing Giesen Coffee Roasters at the Cafe Show. We will enjoy seeing our coffee roasters there in the spotlight and hope to meet a lot of interesting partners and customers there. We also brought one special package from the Netherlands to be shown for the first time.


Launch of our new coffee roaster

Behind the scenes we have worked very hard in the last couple of months to develop an entirely new product. Therefore we are very proud to present our brand new coffee roaster: the Giesen W25! With a capacity of 25 kg it completes our assortment and is very suitable for middle-large coffee roasteries. We are happy that we could finish this W25 Coffee Roaster on time, so our Korean team can show it internationally right away on the Cafe Show in Seoul.

We hope to see a lot of you on the Cafe Show in Seoul. We will also share pictures and inside information on our Facebook page, so make sure to follow us there!

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