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Behind the Roast with Willem Boot

In our Behind the Roast video’s, Giesen ambassador Willem Boot shares his knowledge and roasting experience while roasting coffee. Learn all about a specific type of coffee, the Giesen roaster controls, material types, coffee tools and much more! So grab a cup of coffee, ask your questions, and learn with Willem!

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Free sheet to monitor your roasts. Willem talks about the sheet in the episode about roasting an blending for espresso. 

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Loading beans in a Giesen W6E
Willem Boot

Identifying and Avoiding Common Roasting Defects

Even the most skilled roasters encounter challenges along the way, resulting in what are known as coffee roasting defects. Let’s explore some common coffee roasting defects, their causes, and how they can be identified and prevented.

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Willem Boot

Exclusive Look: Sampling the Finest Panama Coffee of the Season!

In this article, Willem Boot gives us an update on the new harvest from the farms in Panama, specifically Finca La Cabra and Finca La Mula. The farms are almost done with the harvest, but still have microlots resting on the drying beds or in the dark room. It’s crucial that we take our time and slowly dry the beans with care for over 20 days.

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Here’s a sneak peak of the topics that Willem will cover in this new series.


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