Van Baerlestraat 83, 1071 AS Amsterdam

Located in the South of Amsterdam, you find the coffee to go roastery Café Cito. Characterized by their minimalist interior combined with natural materials, their Giesen W6A attracts all the attention. 

The perfect example of how our roasters can enhance your brand identity by fitting in the roastery perfectly. It attracts the attention of customers and adds something unique.

They choose the minimalist interior for a reason. By keeping their interior calm, they focus on the fundamentals, the basics. Therefore, they can serve coffee as it should be. As it was once intended. The attention goes to the only thing that matters; good coffee.

So, not only should you visit them for the interior, but their coffee is also highly recommended. According to them, they serve consistent and high quality all year round. By roasting their own beans, they guarantee great quality control so that the customers can taste the finesse and care they put into each cup. 

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We’re taking you to one of the cleanest looking coffee hotspots in Amsterdam! Cafecito is a beautiful, minimalist coffeebar. We talked with roastmaster Stean and owner Mohammed. They told us all the ins and outs about their blends, business and experience. Curious? Watch the third episode of our Giesen Amsterdam Tour! 

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