Loppokaffeeexpress in Germany

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“Am liebsten trinken wir Kaffee. Am zweitliebsten fahren wir mit dem Fahrrad durch die Straßen Kiels.”

“Drinking coffee is our favourite activity. It is our second favorite activity to ride through the streets of Kiel on a bike.”

Loppokaffeeexpress in Kiel

Axel Datschun (26) and Kira Schubert (27) founded Loppokaffeeexpress about 6 years ago. Axel was not sure what he should do after his civil service, but he knew he was passionate about coffee. And so he decided to make his passion his profession. Having only a humble capital of €1000, Kira and Axel bought a cheap cargobike and a second hand espressomachine and built the whole setup themselves. This seemed to be the easiest way to start a business and to show Kiel that they understood what good coffee is all about.

The start of the roastery

Because they didn’t have their own roasting machine in the beginning, they used the roasteryloppokaffeeexpress-kiel of friends to roast their first coffee. This roastery was situated nearby Hamburg (a long drive) and it was possible to rent it on a hourly basis. As their coffee business grew over the years, it wasn’t fulfilling anymore to drive so far and use someone else’s roasting machine. This is why they decided in 2014 to set up their own roastery in an old industry building in Kiel. In the summer of 2014 their W15A Giesen coffee roaster was delivered by our mechanic and they soon started to roast their directly traded coffee in Kiel. The roastery is accompanied by a coffee shop where people can enjoy a good cup of coffee and purchase the beans directly.

loppokaffeeexpressMobile coffee bar

It is now 5 years ago that Axel and Kira combined their passion for coffee with their passion for cycling and built their mobile coffee bar. They use their cargo bike four times a week to serve coffee on the week markets in Kiel. With a La Marzocco GB/5 and Mazzer Robur their mobile coffee bar is well equipped to serve high quality coffee from their own roasted beans.

The coffee of Loppokaffeeexpress

It all begins with the green beans. On trips to Brazil, Ecuador and Kenya, they have visited many cooperatives, of which they make the coffee in the direct trade. They import most of their coffee themselves and roast it by hand.

By using the latest roast technology and through constant tastings they perform quality controls and they learn every day. They roast their coffee light and thus leave it unaltered by any roast flavours. With this roasting technique they do the quality of the green beans justice and make it possible to taste the incredible diversity of the coffee flavours.

The next step for them is the careful preparation and brewing process. With a La Marzocco GB / 5 and a Mazzer Robur they do not exactly have lightweights on their bike. In their roastery and coffee bar on the Grasweg 8 in Kiel you can count on their Kees van der Westen “Spirit” and mills of Mahlkönig.

And so they do everything to achieve what they mean by good coffee.

maggiori informazioni

You can visit the website of Loppokaffeeexpress for more information. Should you have any questions for us, feel free to contact us.

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