The Vibrant South Korean Coffee Market

South Korea has a rich and complex history. It was ruled by various dynasties for centuries, including the famous Joseon Dynasty. In the 20th century, Korea was colonized by Japan before gaining independence in 1945. The Korean War in the 1950s divided the country into North and South. Since then, South Korea has experienced rapid economic growth and democratization. Today, it is known for its technological advancements, cultural exports, and vibrant democracy.

The Blossoming Coffee Culture in South Korea

In the past 20 years, South Korea has experienced remarkable growth in its coffee culture. Specialty coffee wasn’t really discovered until the beginning of this millennium. Nowadays, cafés have become an integral part of daily life for many Koreans. The country has seen a rise in specialty coffee shops, with baristas focusing on quality and craftsmanship. Korean cafés also offer unique and innovative beverages and desserts, catering to diverse tastes. Additionally, coffee shops have become popular social spaces for meetings, studying, and socializing. South Koreans have embraced the coffee culture, making it a thriving and vibrant part of their lifestyle. During the proliferation of specialty coffee in Korea, Giesen Coffee Roasters became a highly appreciated and recognized coffee roasting machine brand in the South Korean market.

Giesen’s Impact in South Korea

The W1A and W6A models can be seen around the country in small independent coffee roasting stores like Steamers Coffee in Seoul, where we recorded a video segment for this month’s Behind The Roast. These smaller machines of the Giesen lineup offer a compact and efficient option for cafés and professionals to roast coffee in-house, allowing them to have more control over the flavor profiles and freshness of their beans.

Giesen’s commitment to esthetic design and innovation quickly gained recognition among coffee professionals and enthusiasts in South Korea. As the demand for specialty coffee grew in South Korea, larger Giesen models, like the W15A, W30A, and W60A became more popular. This allowed Giesen to cater to both small-scale roasters and larger commercial roasting operations in South Korea. Giesen’s success in conquering the South Korean coffee industry can be attributed to the excellent customer service and technical support that has helped them to establish a strong presence in the South Korean coffee industry.

Panamanian Excellence on Display

The annual Café Show, held in Seoul, attracts tens of thousands of coffee professionals and even more coffee enthusiasts who take pride in preparing and tasting super specialty coffees like the coffee I was promoting together with my colleagues from Panama. During the expo, I participated at the booth of the SCAP (Specialty Coffee Association of Panama), and together with 7 other producers I promoted our own coffee from Finca La Cabra. Prior to the expo, I carefully roasted the different Finca La Cabra lots using the W1A at the Boot Coffee roasting laboratory in Northern California. Throughout the expo, tens of people waited in line to savor a small sip of a precious Panamanian Geisha coffee that was prepared by one of the producers.

During the expo, one of my highlights was meeting Ms. Jeong Eunkyung. The executive director of Coffee Myungga, a highly specialized roasting company operating a small chain of specialty cafes and stores in and around Seoul. A beautiful W60A shined at the booth to showcase the special relationship with Giesen. At their booth, I tasted a delicious Yemen Mocha coffee, of which the roasted beans were small and tiny. After four days of intensive coffee promotions and plain fun, I felt very satisfied, and a bit exhausted from the countless cups of Geisha I prepared for my old and new Korean coffee friends.

In conclusion

In conclusion, South Korea’s rich history has transformed into a modern era marked by a vibrant coffee culture. Giesen Coffee Roasters has played a key role, with their innovative machines adapting to diverse market needs. The annual Café Show in Seoul fosters global collaborations, emphasizing the human connections formed over a shared love for coffee. As South Korea’s coffee industry continues to thrive, it has become an integral part of the nation’s contemporary lifestyle.

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