W140A Coffee Roaster


Giesen W140A roaster

Choose for maximum control and efficient coffee roasting. The W140A brings the latest developments together. We combine innovative technology and roasting trends with maximum control and capacity. Are you ready to roast like a pro?


  • Dimensione del lotto
    Dimensione del lotto

    35 - 140 kilograms

  • Certificazioni

    Certificato CE

  • Tipo di riscaldamento
    Tipo di riscaldamento

    Gas naturale/propano


  • Peso

    +/- 4300 kg

  • Lunghezza

    4880 mm

  • Larghezza

    2012 mm

  • Altezza

    3080 mm

  • Dimensione minima del lotto

    35 kg

  • Dimensione massima del lotto

    140 kg

  • Intervallo di temperatura

    0 - 280 °C | 32 - 536 °F

  • Suono massimo

    75 dB (A)

  • Larghezza del camino

    Roasting air: Ø 400 mm
    Cooling air: Ø350 mm

  • Temperatura massima dei gas di scarico.

    80 °C | 176 °F

  • Lunghezza del camino

    Su misura

Misure in mm.


  • Controllo della velocità del tamburo

    46 - 70 Hz (min.-max.)​

  • Regolazione della potenza

    0 - 100%

  • Regolazione della pressione dell'aria

    80 - 210 Pa (min.-max.)​

  • Ciclone esterno

    A cyclone collects the chaff that comes from the roasted beans.

  • Giesen Profiler

    Giesen Connect è un sistema di monitoraggio remoto che ci permette di vedere automaticamente lo stato attuale della vostra torrefazione.

  • Giesen Connect

    Giesen Connect è un sistema di monitoraggio remoto che ci permette di vedere automaticamente lo stato attuale della vostra torrefazione.

Vernice per il corpo

You can choose the body paint using RAL colors.

Colori RAL

Disclaimer: si prega di notare che i colori mostrati in questa tabella sono solo a scopo indicativo. Ci riteniamo responsabili di eventuali incoerenze di colore che possono essere causate dalla visualizzazione su web/mobile/tablet, a causa delle differenze tra gli schermi dei computer utilizzati dai nostri clienti.

Colori d'accento

  • Acciaio inox
    Acciaio inox
  • Matt Black
    Matt Black
  • Gold
  • Glossy Black
    Glossy Black

Roof colors

  • Acciaio inox
    Acciaio inox
  • Matt Black
    Matt Black
  • Gold
  • Glossy Black
    Glossy Black

Compatible Accessoiries

  • Rimuovi pietre

    Reduce the risk of foreign objects in your coffee and avoid damage to your equipment.

  • Trasportatore di caffè verde

    The Green Coffee Conveyor transports your green coffee automatically into the hopper.

  • Pellet Press

    A pelletpress presses all the chaff into easy to handle pellets.

  • Thermal Emission Cleaner

    In an afterburner, the air from the coffee roaster will be burned a second time.

  • Pulitori catalitici di emissioni Giesen

    A catalytic afterburner works almost the same as a thermal afterburner but uses lower temperatures.

Giesen and the environment

  • Quality materials

    We do not only think green, but also act like it. This reflects in all our products. Since the beginning, sustainability has been one of our high priorities. We source our materials close to home to minimize the transportation impact. For example, our cast iron front plates are crafted in the Netherlands, near to our manufacturing. Besides that, we offer not only gas roasters, but also electric ones. This way, we give our customers every opportunity to maximize their green footprint.

  • Dureable choice

    We do not believe in quantity. We believe in high-quality materials that last for years. Our quality control is extensive and of a high standard. Only the best is good enough for our coffee roasters. This increases the lifespan of our coffee roasters significantly and takes sustainability to the next level.

Extra options

  • Cropster connection
  • Custom company logo
  • Additional sensors
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply

Transport options

  • Ex. Works
    Ex. Works
  • Road transport
    Road transport
  • Air freight
    Air freight
  • Boat transport
    Boat transport


  • Installation is always performed by Giesen-certified mechanics. Although Giesen Coffee Roasters is becoming a well-known brand, our way of working remained the same; informal and with a personal approach. We combine Dutch craftsmanship with family values and a no- nonsense mentality. We treat every customer, small or large, in the same professional way.

Lets find a roaster that meets your needs

Roaster name Type of roaster Heating type Batchsize (kg) Capacity (kg/h)
Sample Roaster
Gas or electric
W1 Series
Gas or electric
W6 Series
Automatic or fully automatic
Gas or electric
W15 Series
Gas or electric
Automatic or fully automatic
Completamente automatico
Completamente automatico
W140A Pro
Completamente automatico

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