Coffee and coconuts

Ceintuurbaan 282-284, 1072 GK Amsterdam

It was 7 years ago when two friends decided to go work together. They found the perfect place; a former cinema in the center of Amsterdam that still has all of it’s allure. Their creative ideas and love for Bali were the beginning of what is now one of the best coffee hotspots in Amsterdam; Coffee and Coconuts. Together with the owner, they choose the W6A, with a raw look. They had to sacrifice some of their tables in the café for it, but now it is the eye-catcher of the coffee house. And the spot where Daniel cups, roasts and discovers new blends and profiles every day.

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We’re taking you to a great hotspot located in Amsterdam! Coffee and coconuts is a unique experience. We talked with roastmaster Daniel and co-owner Jasper. They told us all the ins and outs about their successful business. Curious? Watch the first episode of our Giesen Amsterdam Tour! 

The love for Bali

Not only the interior breaths Bali, also the food, freshly opened coconuts, and their coffee. Both the owners love the country. Therefore, it was a big inspiration for their coffee house. When they met their head roaster, Daniel, it was a logical choice to look for a coffee from Bali. Nowadays, they have direct trade with a coffee producer from the island. Something a lot of roasters would love to achieve.

Most popular coffee: Ayu blend

The most sold coffee at Coffee and Coconuts is in fact a blend. It’s the incredible depth, sweetness, fullness of the body while it also has this exotic flavor to it. It’s a real crowd pleaser and Daniel is proud of it as a coffee roaster. Creating Ayu took a lot of work. They used three different profiles on their Giesen to create it. People who know nothing about coffee can still get a great experience from it and that’s their ultimate goal.

When Daniel came to the Netherlands to work as a head roaster, he was sure about one thing. The roaster should be a Giesen. He worked in coffee for over 15 years and roasted on all kinds of machines. However, he chooses Giesen for his own roastery. Daniel: ‘What you’re after as a roaster is quality in your cup. To achieve this, you need quality green beans, quality people, and a quality machine. That last thing, you get with a Giesen roaster easily.’

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