Behind the Roast at HOST Milano 2023!

A few days ago, one of the largest annual events in the coffee world took place; HOST Milano! To showcase the products on our booth, Willem Boot made this month’s Behind the Roast episode live from HOST Milano. Are you curious about Willem’s first experiences with Giesen roasters? Read the column below!

Exploring Giesen Coffee Roasters technology

Years ago, I had the opportunity to test a first-generation W6 (six kgs per batch) Giesen coffee roasting machine. It was my maiden experience with this authentic Dutch coffee roasting technology. The coffee we roasted was a dense Kenyan coffee. I started the roasting cycle with the burners at 90% power and a charge temperature of 190°C (375°F). As the beans absorbed the heat, I noticed a strong grassy fragrance during the drying phase. When the rate of rise reached its peak, I gradually reduced the heat input.

Host Milan 2023 – Behind the Roast with Willem Boot

The Magic of Giesen’s Responsiveness

What impressed me about this Giesen W6 was its responsiveness. After the initial high heat input, I observed how the kinetic heat locked in the coffee beans drove the chemistry transformation. Just before the first crack, we reduced the heat input and increased the air pressure, which slowed the rate of rise. The coffee then entered the development phase, and I noticed a remarkable perfume-like lemon zest aroma. After cooling, the flavor of the Kenyan roast was truly impressive and solidified my appreciation for the Giesen roasting technology.

Giesen’s Journey: Pioneering Coffee Roasting

Giesen was founded by Wilfred Giesen, who utilized his expertise in building roasters for a well-known German brand to create highly advanced roasting technologies for the emerging world of specialty coffees. Over the past 15+ years, Giesen has made significant advancements in their lineup of coffee roasting machines and related accessories.

Visiting the Host Expo in Milan

Recently, I had the pleasure to visit the Host expo in Milan, Italy, where they showcased their impressive technology repertoire. The Giesen booth featured a range of coffee roasting systems, from the fully automated W30 Pro to the state-of-the-art W140A roasting plant. The W140A is designed to roast 140 kgs of green coffee beans while maintaining the same responsive roasting performance that I originally experienced during my very first Giesen roast. It was also wonderful to observe how much detail goes into the manufacturing of the Giesen equipment: from the cast iron faceplates to the high-end materials used for even the smallest components of these machines.

You can watch the video of this month’s “Behind The Roast” to check it out!

In conclusion

In summary, my experience with Giesen coffee roasting technology has been truly impressive. The company’s commitment to quality, led by founder Wilfred Giesen, has driven significant advancements in the world of specialty coffee roasting. Their meticulous attention to detail in manufacturing and the outstanding performance of machines like the W140A have left a lasting mark on me. For those interested, I recommend watching the “Behind The Roast” video to explore more about Giesen’s remarkable coffee roasting innovations.

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Giesen Coffee Roasters

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