Giesen coffee roasters transport: peripheral matters

We have already discussed all the Giesen coffee roasters' transport options. Now it's time to look at the peripheral matters as well.

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We already discussed all the Giesen coffee roasters’ transport options. Now it’s time to look at the peripheral matters as well. Because when transporting from one country to another, there are some rules involved. We will tell you all about it today.

The rules you have to adhere to when we talk about transport vary from country to country. That’s why we look at each request specifically to make sure the transport is as precise and correct as possible. In addition, you will be supported throughout the entire process and have personal contact with one of our employees.

Giesen coffee roasters transport: customs formalities

It is always very important to know exactly what the customs formalities are in the country of destination. This is well researched before we deliver a roaster. This way, we ensure a smooth delivery. If necessary, various certificates (such as a certificate of origin) are requested from the Chamber of Commerce. Everything to avoid surprises during the delivery.

Accessibility of the delivery address 

When ordering a new roaster there is normally a delivery time (sometimes we have stock models, ask about the possibilities). What is certainly as important are the preparations of the customer himself. To be able to use your new machine quickly, it is important to have a number of things prepared on location. There must be a chimney, gas and electricity have been installed. It sounds obvious, but especially with new companies, it is important to have this well arranged and to agree on the delivery date.
Once this is arranged, the roaster must be moved from the truck to the right place. Remember, these are not lightweight roasters.

Machines smaller than a W30A can also be delivered with a truck with a hydraulic tail lift. This eliminates the need for the customer to arrange a forklift. Our dealers around the country, also participate in this.

In exceptional cases, a machine can even be produced in 2 parts if it is to be used in a small space such as a basement. Then a crane has to assist to lift the parts into the basement. For deliveries of large machines and for spacious buildings, we recommend using a forklift truck at all times.

Giesen W15A in Nurtingen

Earlier this year we had a delivery of a Giesen W15A to a customer in Nurtingen, in Germany. The store was located on a slope with a narrow entrance door. After consulting with the customer, the customer made a horizontal platform to allow for a smooth delivery through the tail lift of the delivery truck. Sometimes the cooling tray and the hopper have to be temporarily dismantled to make internal transport possible and the roaster can be put in the right place. The Giesen mechanic who was on site assisted and the roaster could be put into operation the same day.

We do everything to ensure that the transport runs smoothly, and you can quickly enjoy your Giesen roaster.

Giesen W15A in Nurtingen

Do you have any questions about the transport as a result of this blog? Please contact our sales team. Before you know it, your own roaster is spreading the scent of freshly ground coffee in your roastery.

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