The power of being authentic

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The power of being authentic – Written by Cisca

October 2018: Giesen asked me to write a blog about my roasting experience with the W6A and the W30A. But also share my perspective on coffee roasting with other roasters. I decided to share my personal story on only one condition: I wanted to be vulnerable about my doubts, skills and share my critical opinion about the lack of sharing knowledge in our industry. I was ready to share my story. I thought that my story could only have an impact if I was being authentic. And oh my…. it did! This led me to create my own online roasting course…

Exploding inbox

One year ago I got to share my blog in Giesen’s monthly newsletter and my inbox exploded!

I asked people to write to me if I could help them or answer their questions. I never expected that so many roasters from all over the world would recognize themselves in the same problems and thoughts I have.

In every email I received, there was a certain relief. In my opinion, we roasters are too afraid to share knowledge in our industry. Because we’re not sharing information, the craft of roasting has a certain mysterious image. This causes that there’s no room left for interaction about what we love most. The reality is that new roasters who enter our industry, are feeling stuck.

I received so many emails with different personal stories, dreams and ambitions, but they all had something in common: how do you create the perfect roast?

Roasting issues

I was positively surprised by every story, question or e-mail. I always assumed I was the only roaster who didn’t know what I was doing. Once I shared my story, there was no turning back. I realized that, because of sharing my personal story through vulnerability, roasters all over the world felt confident enough to trust me with their roasting issues. Responding emails took, and still takes, a lot of my time.

“Be powerful and vulnerable at the same time. Only then you can have an impact. On yourself, your environment and on the world”

I saw a pattern and noticed an overall problem in all of your roasting issues. Then I started wondering: how can I help all these roasters at the same time? What if my own method of roasting, the Miss Morrison Method, could be available for coffee roasters all over the world?

Solving issues with our online roasting course

After helping so many roasters on an individual base, I totally stepped out of my comfort zone this summer and created an online roasting course. This course answers questions like

  • How do you even start roasting coffee?
  • How can your roast consistent?
  • How does roasting work, once you’ve got the coffee roaster of your dreams delivered?

Because I felt certain that I want to share my knowledge with all of you, I contacted my friends at Giesen. Together, we created a version of my online roasting course that will definitely teach you the basic principles of roasting. The ‘Miss Morrison roasting method’ will give you the knowledge you can create your own roasting profiles. I’ll teach you how to create a perfect flavour out of your coffee beans. I’ll share my knowledge and experience with you. You will notice a direct result and more consistency in your profiles.

The internet is a beautiful thing, despite the distance, we’re more connected than ever! Sharing our difficulties and solving our coffee roasting issues online is proof that we are connected.

Miss Morrison Roasting Course

Are you ready to dream bigger?

I still want to help you become the best version of yourself and make sure you have the right knowledge available. In my first blog, I mentioned that if we want to change the world of coffee, we need to start dreaming bigger. So, I started to dream bigger and I created an online roasting course.  If you’re ready to dream bigger yourself and are subscribed to the Giesen newsletter then check your inbox right now! 

If you’ve missed this e-mail, don’t worry. Subscribe here. We will be sending more e-mails so keep checking your inbox!

Not only Delft and the Netherlands can benefit from good coffee, but the world can also benefit from good coffee. I need more than a positive attitude and an online course to change the world of coffee. I need you, to really make a difference. Are you ready to conquer the world with good coffee?


Miss Morrison


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  1. Jackson


    Where can I get started with this online roasting course? I am at where you stood, stuck in roasting and my roastery. Finding my best way to move ahead.

    1. Dear Madam
      My name is Shelly Thenuwara from Hotel Tree of Life Sri Lanka. I registered your online roasting course but I did not receive your documents. Already I have sent you a mail before regarding this but still pending. Can you please send it to me again.

  2. Mark Linderman

    Hi Cisca,
    I took a in person roasting class in the United States, but was only shown how to use artisan. Can you advise how your class may differ. Can you advise what supplies are needed for the class?

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