Setting up your own company: The best tips

You are ready to start your own coffee roasting business! But where do you begin? We collected the best tips for setting up your own company.

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Your business plan has been approved, the insurances have been taken out and everything else has been arranged. In other words: you are ready to start your own coffee roasting business! But where do you begin? What are the most valuable tips for setting up your own company? We asked successful roasters to share the most important and helpful tips.

1. Online findability

First, you of course need a website. But besides that, your social media must be right and strengthen your brand identity. That way you get more followers and therefore more visibility. Katie Cates from Mechanic Coffee, agrees: ‘Social media is huge in keeping your customers invested in what you offer and can do for them.’

2. Understand your market

Before you can get started properly, you have to understand the market you are in. For example, Tom Osborne from Craft House Coffee says the following about this: ‘There is no point starting something you don’t can’t cater to.’ Filip Åkerblom from Scandinavian Coffee Consulting also sees this as one of the most important tips: ‘You need to listen to the market and grow with them.’ 

3. Be brave!

Another tip that many roasters shared for setting up your own company, was about being brave and just starting. For example, Darius from Vero Coffee House said the following about it: ‘Be brave, because people have great ideas but do not start business lucking confidence.’ Another example is from Katie: ‘Plan everything carefully but don’t over plan to the point that you never start! The market for great coffee is still growing and the world needs your unique vision.’ 

4. Chose good equipment 

If it is financially possible, it is best to choose quality. Katie said the following about this: ‘Make sure your account for growth and can scale with your setup and equipment – don’t buy too small/basic that it hinders growth but don’t overextend yourself before you’re ready. Buy cheap, buy twice!’ Also Chartree Treelertkul from Peaberry agrees: ‘Using the Best Ausrüstung that improved quality. Focus on quality, not quantity.’

5. Start with passion 

Your business plan can be good, but without passion for the business, it remains a difficult business according to the roasters. Suhas Dwarakanath Benki Brewing Tools: ‘Passion always wins and brings money.’ Katie agrees: ‘Have a real passion for coffee. If your heart isn’t in it, it will show in your presentation and the final product!’  

6. Have the right mindset for setting up your own company

Besides passion, you also need the right mindset, if we believe Giorgi Aivazyan from Coffee LAB. Giorgi: ‘You always need three mindsets in your business. The first one is the entrepreneur – who looks forward – the second one is the professional – who knows the industry/product in great detail – and the last one is the manager – who will catch the ideas thrown by entrepreneurs and with the help of professionals make it happen.’

7. Listen to your customers

Last but not least: listen to your customers. Only this way, you can meet their expectations and desires. Emile Niyonzima from Globl East Africa says the following about this: ‘Loyalty you need to consider that what you think you are selling may not be what the clients need. It’s important to listen carefully when a client expresses his feelings to your products.’ Someone who agrees with this is Chartree: ‘Some new coffee roasters will judge the customer or try to do too complicate that customer does not understand. We have to understand what customers need and try to serve them the higher quality.’ 

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