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Behind the Roast with Willem Boot

In our Behind the Roast video’s, Giesen ambassador Willem Boot shares his knowledge and roasting experience while roasting coffee. Learn all about a specific type of coffee, the Giesen roaster controls, material types, coffee tools and much more! So grab a cup of coffee, ask your questions, and learn with Willem!

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Full sessions

15-20 minutes full length sessions with Willem Boot about various roasting subjects.

Exclusive content

Downloadable content like cupping and roasting sheets or a roasting milestone excercise.

Q&A sessions

You will get the opportunity to send in your questions and Willem will answer these in a session.

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Upcoming subjects

Here’s a sneak peak of the topics that Willem will cover in this new series.


Roasting and blending strategies for espresso - ONLINE


Walking the curve; from Maillard to Caramelization to Roast Development - ONLINE


Roasting strategies to optimize decaf coffees - ONLINE


Special: Roasting dialogues with Jaime Duque - ONLINE


Pressure profiling with Giesen roasting machines - ONLINE


Roasting strategies for the best possible consistency - ONLINE


Optimizing roasting profiles with the Giesen Roast Profiler - ONLINE


Selecting and roasting coffee components for filter preparation


Special: Roasting dialogues


Roasting strategies to modulate the flavor profile of special process coffees


Special: Roasting dialogues


Sample roasting strategies with WPG1

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Great detail without being overly in-depth! Thank you for providing them!
Giesen Customer
Helps to understand the process, very helpful for beginers!
Giesen Customer
The content is always great, and the format is really helpful to be able to play/participate if still needing to be operating a production day!
Giesen Customer