Our strength is our network

Our roasters are handbuilt and individually tested in our production centre in Ulft, the Netherlands. To distribute our roasters around the globe, we use our worldwide distributor network.   


Find your Giesen distributor

Below you can find the contact information of all our distributors spread across the world. Just enter your location and the dealer or distributor closest to you will appear. Some of them offer an extensive showroom, where you can experience that a Giesen coffee roaster is the right fit for you. They will be able to supply all the products of Giesen Coffee Roasters. But also provide optional services like installation or maintenance.

For specific questions please contact a distributor near you. For other questions, you can contact our global manager of sales, Marc Weber.

      Meet our partners

      Sasa Sestic

      Brand Ambassador

      Sasa Sestic is a successful entrepreneur and a world champion barista. As a result, Sasa is now recognised as one of the most influential visionaries in the coffee industry. 

      His passion reaches far beyond a humble cup of coffee; In fact he is committed to improving not only the coffee process but also the lives of the workers.

      Willem Boot

      Brand Ambassador usa

      Willem has a strong passion for coffee and decades of experience in advising roasteries and coffee producers on quality improvement strategies. For this reason he is sharing a few articles about his passion.

      In our blog, Willem shares his insights in the wonderful world of roasting coffee.


      proud partner

      Cropster creates software to help coffee professionals from origin to cafe get the best out of their coffees. Cropster aims to develop tools that are simple to use and affordable for everyone.

      Another goal is to improve workflows related to quality, consistency, planning and traceability at every stage of production.