Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Giesen Coffee Roasters FAQ section! Discover quick answers, expert tips, and insights into the world of coffee roasting. Elevate your experience with Giesen and roast with confidence. If you have more questions, we're here to assist you on your coffee journey!

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Does Giesen offer financing options?

    Giesen provides various financing options. Check the Giesen financing services or contact our sales team for details. 

  • How can I buy a Giesen Coffee Roaster?

    Contact one of our sales representatives via this link. 

  • What is the delivery time for a Giesen roaster?

    The delivery time varies for each roaster. Please contact us for specific details about the delivery time for the roaster you're interested in. 

  • Do you sell worldwide? Do you work with partners?

    Giesen collaborates with distributors globally. Check our distributors' page on the distributors page to locate one near you. 

  • How does the import process of Giesen roasters work outside the EU?

    The import process varies by destination country. Our dedicated team can guide you through the specifics. Reach out to us for personalized assistance. 

  • What is the warranty coverage for Giesen roasters?

    Our quotations contain detailed information about the warranty for our roasters. For more specific details, please get in touch with us directly. 

  • What options can I add to my Giesen roaster?

    Enhance your Giesen roaster with various options, such as a green coffee conveyor, destoner, catalytic cleaner, SFE Filter, Giesen Profiler Software, external cyclone, silos for green and roasted coffee, cable transport, and more. Customize the roaster's color and logo to fit your preferences. For additional details, feel free to reach out to us. 

  • What are the shipping options provided by Giesen?

    Giesen offers flexible shipping options, including door-to-door delivery (DAP) to your roastery or shop, delivery to the port or airport of your country (CIP/CIF), and the option of Free Carrier (FCA), allowing you to pick up the roaster directly from our factory in The Netherlands. 

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  • Where can I find technical information like gas / electrical consumption or roaster dimensions?

    Detailed technical datasheets for each roaster are available. Contact us, and we’ll promptly send you the datasheet via email. 

  • Is there service available after receiving the roaster?

    Giesen provides service through its global network and local service partners. If no partner is nearby, we’ll ensure service directly at your location. 

  • Can I undergo roasting training with Giesen?

    Giesen has a global network for training purposes. If interested, let us know, and we’ll connect you with the right person. 

  • Is an exhaust necessary for using my roaster?

    Giesen recommends connecting the roaster to an exhaust leading to the chimney. Contact us for more details. 

  • Is there a support department at Giesen?

    Giesen believes in comprehensive customer support. Our 24/7 service/support department from headquarters is available via email, phone, video call, or chat for all your post-purchase inquiries. 


  • Which software can I use on a Giesen?

    Giesen roasters are compatible with Giesen Profiler, Cropster, and Artisan software. 


  • What is the difference between electrical and gas roasting?

    Explore the factors influencing the choice between electric and gas roasting in our article at the dedicated blog page. 

  • Does Giesen use single or double wall drums?

    Giesen uses double-walled drums.