DENF Roasters of Coffee

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]There is one thing all of our customers have in common: their passion for coffee. We like to hear about their roast stories, business dreams and view on coffee so we are interviewing our Dutch customers for this blog. This blog post will be all about DENF Roasters of Coffee in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

DENF Roasters of Coffee

Somewhere in the south of Holland lies the town of Eindhoven. Eindhoven is a very nice Dutch town but until very recently it was lacking one important facility: a good coffee roastery. This is why Daan Verleg decided to start one himself. In July 2014 he established his roastery in the special location of a former carriage house and now the streets of Eindhoven are filled with the smell of freshly roasted coffee. DENF dedicates itself to roasting high quality coffee for the restaurants, bars and hotels in Eindhoven. And by doing so DENF Roasters of Coffee is on an important mission: to improve the quality of the coffee served in Eindhoven. An ambitious goal that the owner Daan Verleg is working on with passion.

Believe in good coffee

DENF Roasters of Coffee considers itself a modern roastery. The craft of roasting is taken very seriously and the focus lies on roasting single origins. DENF also makes the unique blend 801, which is of the highest quality and inspired by the Italian way of drinking coffee. To ensure that the carefully roasted coffee is being served in the best way, DENF Roasters of Coffee is giving workshops to its customers. Daan Verleg likes to tell the story of good coffee, the quality of a good roast and share his expertise with tips and tricks.

“DENF is formed from an inner urge to roast coffee in an artisan way … We believe to make quality coffee by knowledge, technology, design and through telling our story of coffee. Our goal is to deliver you a moment of joy.”

During the week Daan Verleg focuses on his coffee, coffee roasting and his business customers. It is his dream to own a larger location in the future where it will be possible to have an integrated espressobar within the roastery.

Choosing a Giesen W6 Coffee Roaster

We asked Daan of DENF Roasters of Coffee why he chose our W6 Coffee Roaster to start his ambitious plans. He told us that he was familiar with different brands of coffee roasters and decided to choose our Dutch brand.

“Giesen Coffee Roasters is a Dutch brand of high quality coffee roasters, works with modern techniques and supplies all over the world. They are very easy to reach and communicate with. I saw no reason to look any further and decided to order my coffee roaster from them.”

más información

We are very happy that DENF Roasters of Coffee decided to choose our W6 Coffee Roaster for it’s authentic roastery in Eindhoven. Should you want to know more about DENF Roasters of Coffee, you can visit the website. If you want more information about our Coffee Roasters, feel free to contact us.

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