Elevate your roastery with Giesen’s versatile silo systems

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In the dynamic world of coffee roasting, effective storage solutions are paramount to preserving the quality and authenticity of your beans. Giesen Coffee Roasters presents a range of cutting-edge silo systems tailored to meet the diverse needs of coffee roasteries, ranging from small boutique operations to large-scale industrial facilities.

Three sizes available

Giesen’s silo systems come in three distinct sizes – small, medium, and large – ensuring that there’s an ideal fit for every roastery, regardless of its scale or production capacity.

Small Silos: A touch of class
– Designed specifically for small, boutique roasteries.
– Offers a classy storage solution without compromising authenticity.
– Utilizes a vacuum transport system for efficient bean handling.
– Fully customizable in terms of RAL color, metal and wood accents, and company logos.
– Visit the small silos product page by clicking here.

Medium Silos: Serious storage with style
– Tailored for medium-sized roasteries seeking a robust storage solution.
– Balances serious storage capacity with authenticity and class.
– Can be equipped with both vacuum and cable transport systems for flexibility.
– Customizable design options to align with your brand identity.
– Visit the medium silos product page by clicking here.

Large Silos: Industrial capacity, uncompromised quality
– Engineered for industrial roasteries with high capacity requirements.
– Maintains Giesen’s commitment to quality and authenticity.
– Employs a cable transport system for seamless operations.
– Provides unmatched storage capacity for large-scale production.
– Visit the large silos product page by clicking here.

Smart Integration with Giesen Profiler

One of the standout features of Giesen’s silo systems is their seamless integration with the Giesen Profiler software. This innovative connectivity allows roasters to control every aspect of their roasting process from a single, user-friendly interface. Whether you are managing the storage conditions of green unroasted coffee or the precise handling of roasted beans, Giesen Profiler puts you in complete control.

Totalmente personalizable

Both small and medium silos from Giesen are fully customizable, allowing roasteries to tailor the appearance of their silos to match their unique brand aesthetics. Choose from a spectrum of RAL colors, incorporate metal and wood accents, and proudly display your company logo – because your storage solution should reflect your roastery’s identity.


Giesen Coffee Roasters’ silo systems offer a trifecta of size options, smart integration with Giesen Profiler, and a commitment to customization. Elevate your roastery’s storage capabilities while preserving its unique character with Giesen’s versatile and stylish silo systems. Whether you’re a boutique operation or an industrial giant, there’s a Giesen silo ready to meet your storage needs with sophistication and efficiency.

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