Giesen tools to making roasting easier

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Giesen tools that make roasting day to day easier

An underexposed part of buying a coffee roaster is the equipment. A great deal of time and money is being spent on finding the best coffee roaster possible while the use of roasting equipment disappears into the background.

We often are asked for advice from customers whose business is expanding. They want to buy a bigger coffee roaster to keep up with the growing demands, but forget the increase of manual handling tasks on a daily basis.

There are a lot of great tools available that can make roasting easier and save you a lot of money and time in the long run. Here’s a short list of Giesen tools that can help you keep up with demands and improve your day to day roasting experience.

Transportador de café verde

Giesen Green Coffee Conveyor

Want to automate the way you roast your coffee? Our green coffee conveyor automatically transports your green coffee into the hopper by using suction. No more lifting and moving heavy sacks above your head, but also no more repeated bending and scooping! Most importantly, the speed of which the daily chores can be performed is much higher, providing better working economies as well as reduced risk. The green coffee conveyor is available with or without weighing cells. Available for our W6A and up.

Removedor de piedras

Giesen Destoner

Your coffee can always contain foreign objects which cause damage to your equipment. Giesen offers you an extra quality check to your roasting process. Our destoner reduces these risks and damages. Our destoner effectively removes foreign objects and leave you with nothing but coffee beans. And of course, the destoner is fully customizable to match your brand. Available for our W6A and up.

External cyclone

Giesen External Cyclone

Add an external cyclone to your W6 series de W15A and start roasting non-stop. A cyclone collects the chaff that comes from the roasted beans. Because of this, the beans that come into the cooling sieve are separated from the chaff and after cooling down the beans can be processed immediately. Standard included with the W30A, W45A, W60A y W140A.

Filtro SFE

We love the art of turning a green bean into that liquid beverage we all love, but during the roasting process coffee roasters are exposed to smoke, smell and dust. To reduce this we provide SFE filters that absorb over 90% of the smoke and fine dust. The absorption of smoke has another advantage, most of the odor is trapped in these particles, so the SFE filters give you a head start when it comes to odor reduction as well. Better for the environment reduces operational costs and you save up to 50% on maintenance costs. Available for the W6A y W15A.

Giesen Afterburner

Giesen Afterburner

When coffee beans are being roasted there will always be the undesirable emission of by-products like smoke and smell. This is part of the process but can create annoyance to your company and the environment. Coffee roasters like the W15A and up, have a larger emission than smaller coffee roasters. Therefore, an electrostatic filter isn’t suitable for larger coffee roasters. An afterburner is recommended for larger coffee roasters. In an afterburner, the air from the coffee roaster will be burned a second time. This reduces smoke and smells up to 90%.

Giesen profiler

You have maximum control over your Giesen coffee roasters. With Giesen Profiler you are able to prepare all settings for a roast. Like: set temperature, power, fan speed and drum speed. It is also possible to monitor all settings during a roast. Real-time roast information combined with visual graphics. Standard included when you purchase a W30A, W45A, W60A y W140A. All available for our sample roasters, W1 series, W6A y W15A.

For personal advice please contact us! We love to tell you more about the possibilities. Send your email to, give us a call at +31 (0)315 68 13 77.

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  1. How does drum speed works on a roaster and what will the benefit be from a roaster with drum speed VS a conventional roaster?

    1. Shauni Wolters

      Hi, thank you for your question. Drum speed is the speed at which the drum inside the roaster rotates. Drum speed is often expressed by Hertz or RPM. As the drum turns. the coffee beans are rotated. The slower the speed, the less the coffee beans are turned.

      With a higher drum speed, it decreases the contact the beans have with the heat source of the drum, so it reduces the heat transfer (conductive heat). While the beans are then heated by the airflow (convective heat). Convective heat is more efficient and penetrates the bean and roasts the coffee bean from the inside out.

      Playing with drum speed offers a lot of options. You can roast smaller batches by varying with this setting but also roast speciality batches and create different flavours. Hope this answers your question, don’t hesitate to ask if it didn’t!

  2. david

    Hi I am david managing partner at I am interested in a Green Coffee Conveyor. Could you please send me price.



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