Giesen Coffee Roasters has expanded

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Giesen Coffee Roasters Expanded

We want to inform you all that our company Giesen Coffee Roasters has expanded! We have managed to double our production space and more than triple our office space. Yet our business address and contact details are still the same. How is this possible? With this blog post we want to inform you about the details of this event.

Giesen Coffee Roasters in 2006

Giesen Coffee Roasters started out seven years ago as a family business in the current building on Industrieweg 15 in Ulft, The Netherlands. We started with a large passion for metal ware and with high quality coffee roasters as our specialty and during the first years our business grew steadily. In the last two years we are experiencing a large increase of new demands and customers, making our business grow very fast. We are very excited about this increase and try to evolve our business in the same speed so we can keep meeting the demands of our customers. This has recently resulted in a two phase expansion of our premises.

Expanding our Production Centre in 2012

Since we grew out of our production area at the middle of 2012, we first needed to physically expand our production centre. Over a year ago we had the opportunity to make an extension between our building (on number 15) and the neighbour building (number 13). By this addition we had 1000 square meters added to our premises and we could translocate the production areas where we finish, test and colour our roasters. It is very nice that when we now manufacture a Giesen W45 Coffee Roaster, we can manoeuvre easily around the entire machine during the testing phase. This extension has resulted in a beautiful spacious factory hall with roof windows that let the daylight in.

Expanding our Office Space in 2013

After the expansion of our production area it was only logic to pay more attention to our office space. Most of our employees work in the construction area, but we also needed office space for our administration, logistics, reception and of course a showroom to be able to receive our customers in a proper way. So we decided to involve the neighbouring building on Industrieweg 13. This building had been empty and it was a unique opportunity for us to also relocate and expand our offices. The building of number 13 fits all our needs and more. This three story building supplies us with more than enough office space and leaves us with plenty of room to grow even further in the future. We are very excited that we could move our company in this way without the nuisance of really moving!

So what changed exactly?

Giesen Coffee Roasters has moved last June 2013 and now occupies two buildings on Industrieweg 15 and Industrieweg 13 at Ulft in The Netherlands. For our customers, suppliers and partners there hasn’t really changed much. Our address (and other contact details) remains the same for all correspondence: Industrieweg 15, 7071 CK Ulft, The Netherlands. For us however these two phase expansion of our premises was a large change and a necessary support to keep our business workable and our quality high. We are very happy that we took this chance.

But … if you want to visit us personally in the near future to talk about our Coffee Roasters, please make sure you ring the bell at Industrieweg 13. Here we can receive you properly with a fresh cup of coffee.

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