Roaster Maintenance Tips for Your Coffee Roaster

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Maintaining your coffee roaster is crucial for maximizing its lifespan and ensuring the safety of your operation. In this blog, we focus on cleaning and provide roaster maintenance tips to simplify the process. Additionally, we cover the dangers of inadequate cleaning and the unique Giesen cleaning mode.

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After a satisfying day of rocking all your roasts, it’s time to celebrate! No, wait a minute… It’s time to take care of your coffee roaster machine. Develop a routine for cleaning and you minimise the need for excessive maintenance. This way, you get the most out of your roaster for as long as possible. Luckily for you, the steps of daily maintenance of a W6 or W15 series roaster are not time-consuming. 

To maintain your W6 or W15 series roaster on a daily basis, follow these roaster maintenance tips:

  1. Open the side doors on both sides using a key.
  2. If your roaster has the Giesen cleaning mode, start it once the roaster reaches 180°C. If not, the roaster should be at a specific temperature before cleaning.
  3. Use a vacuum to clean the chaff and close the doors.
  4. Open the tray and vacuum the waste
  5. And you’re ready to roast another day!

TIP: Perform these steps after a day of roasting to start the next day with a clean roaster.

Weekly roaster maintenance

If you use your coffee roaster daily, we recommend performing weekly maintenance, which includes cleaning the chaff collector, maintenance doors, and chaff. Watch our instructional video to see how to disassemble and clean these parts.

Step-by-step weekly roaster maintenance tips:

  1. To begin, remove the cooling sieve by loosening the bolts on the side and lifting it off (this is a two-person job).
  2. Vacuum the two lids underneath the cooling sieve.
  3. Remove the lids by pulling and sliding them to the right angle for lifting out of the hole.
  4. Using two hands, remove the funnel by pulling it up and moving it out of the chaff collector.
  5. Open both doors on the side of the roaster with a key and vacuum the chaff.
  6. Replace the funnel and lids one by one.
  7. Lift the cooling sieve and put it back in place (two-person job).
  8. Secure the cooling sieve by screwing the bolts back in.
  9. Test the cooling sieve’s stability by pulling on it to make sure it stays in place.

For more detailed instructions on cleaning your W6 or W15 series coffee roaster, download our free guide. Download the guide; it’s completely free! 

Consequences of inadequate maintenance:

Failing to perform maintenance can result in serious problems for your coffee roaster. Neglecting to clean the chaff collector increases the risk of a roaster fire, as sparks can ignite built-up chaff in the chambers. Not greasing the bearings can cause them to wear out and grind together, leading to ball-bearing failure. All of these issues can result in extended downtime for your roaster.

All this results in the time that you can’t spend roasting. Depending on the solution you could be out of service for longer than you’d like. This is why we supply each roaster with a free premium toolbag. This bag contains everything you need to perform basic maintenance yourself. Like a small tin of grease, extra sight glasses and tools. 

To minimize this risk, we provide a free premium toolbag with each roaster, which includes everything you need for basic maintenance, like grease, sight glasses, and tools. We also offer emergency kits for purchase in case of unexpected issues. These kits contain parts like an automatic burner, gas valve, ignition and ionization pens, electrodes, and a relay. You can request a kit at our support desk.

The Giesen cleaning mode

Another roaster maintenance tip is our new cleaning function. When you are doing a long roasting session, it may be that a lot of chaff has built up in the machine in the meantime. Before, the machine had to be shut down before you could clean up the chaff. With the new function, this is a thing of the past. You can now tidy up your chaff between roasts. 

How does the cleaning mode work?

Our new cleaning function, the Giesen cleaning mode, is designed to help you maintain your roaster during long roasting sessions. When a lot of chaff builds up in the machine, it can be difficult to clean without cool air blowing through the machine. With the Giesen cleaning mode, you can easily remove the chaff while the roaster is still hot.

You can now open up the machine doors and clean out the chaff, without having to completely turn off the machine. After removing the chaff from the machine and closing the doors, you can deactivate cleaning mode and continue your roasting session.

When you have any questions about this functionality, feel free to get in touch with us. Giesen Support.

Mechanical or technical problem?

If you encounter any mechanical or technical problems with your coffee roaster, it is a priority for us to help you to get your Giesen coffee roaster up and running as soon as possible. That is why our support and service team is available for you.

The support desk can be reached by phone, on our website or via email. +31 (0)315 68 13 77

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  1. Anton

    Hello. Can I use a chaff cleaning mode in an older 2019 giesen w6a? Is it something like software update or it is available only in a newer roasters?

    1. Marc ten Haaken

      Hi Anthon, thank you for your comment. For this it’s best that you get in touch with Giesen support. They can advise you while considering your roaster model and software version. Reach them at

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