Stooker Coffee

Kastanjeplein 2, 1092 CJ Amsterdam

If you like to learn all the ins and out about coffee, Stookers Specialty Coffee is your place to go. But besides their training academy, they also roast coffee for the hospitality industry and in-home market.

SCA courses
The training academy is based in the east of Amsterdam. It’s a dedicated facility to do barista workshops and courses. They offer a lot of home barista workshops like latte art and sensory courses. But on top of that, they also do accredit-certified SCA trainings.

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Stooker specialty coffee is a unique coffee place. They’re not your average coffee place, but a coffee academy and coffee roastery combined. We talked to Onno, head roaster, and Dan, head of education at Stooker. Curious? Watch the second episode of our Giesen Amsterdam Tour!

Coffee roasting
Onno is one of the owners and roasts the coffee for Stooker. The roastery is based in the west of Amsterdam. Here they roast specialty coffee beans for the hospitality industry. Besides that, they also focus on the in-home market through their webshop where you can buy small and big bags of coffee. The perfect way to drink specialty coffee at home. Their view on coffee roasting is also the reason why they started their business. Onno: ‘7 years ago, there wasn’t a lot of specialty coffee in the hospitality industry. We wanted to make specialty coffee available for everyone.’

They choose to roast on a Giesen because they think it’s very well-built. Onno: ‘I love the feel and the heaviness of the machines. It’s almost like a Volvo, it always starts.’ Soon, they are planning on buying another roaster. After 7 years, it’s almost time to scale up.

Light roast
The roasting style Stooker uses has developed over the years. According to them, they sell developed coffee. Onno: ‘We do roast light, or at the lighter side of the roasting spectrum, but developed.’

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