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For this blog we are interviewing our Dutch customers to get a glimpse of the coffee world and the passion for good coffee. For this blogpost we interviewed Bas Burghoorn, the founder of Single Estate Coffee.

Single Estate Coffee

Single Estate Coffee started out 7 years ago in Maasdijk in the Netherlands. In March 2013 they switched to a a W45 Giesen Coffee Roaster.

Single Estate Coffee Roasters

At Single Estate Coffee Roasters they firmly believe that the quality of coffee consist of 3 pillars: the farmer, the roaster and the barista. As a coffee roaster Single Estate Coffee finds itself in the middle between the farmer that grows the coffee and the barista that ultimately brews it.

“To achieve a good cup of coffee, all three parties need to do their job correctly and not compromise on the quality.” This is why Single Estate Coffee takes their role as importer, roaster and supplier very seriously. “On a daily basis we connect farmer with barista to achieve the perfect cup of coffee”

From farmer to barista

Single Estate Coffee works closely together with the coffee plantations. They believe in direct trade and frequently visit the coffee plantations they work with. Here they can see for themselves what works and what doesn’t. When there is room for improvement to increase the quality of the coffee, they make adjustments in close and long term collaboration with the plantation owners.

Single Estate Coffee Roasters

On the other end of the coffee roasting process Single Estate Coffee focuses on the collaboration with their customers such as restaurants, lunchrooms and cafe’s. Here Single Estate Coffee aims on education and knowledge transfer of the brewing process. They provide training and visit their customers frequently on site to give them relevant support so they can brew coffee of the highest quality.

Bas Burghoorn applauds that people nowadays are much more aware about the origin of their food and the need for quality. This can be seen in the supermarket assortment, restaurants menus and also permeates the coffee world. “The coffee market is becoming much more mature and this can be seen in the growth of knowledge, awareness and quality.”

The perfect cup of coffee

We asked Bas Burghoorn, founder of Single Estate Coffee, about his perfect cup of coffee. What does it taste, smell, look like?

“I really like coffee from Central America as it is timeless and remains fresh. I enjoy a thick butter-like sweet coffee, but I can also get goose bumps from a light filtered coffee from Kenia. I really cannot say what I prefer. I fancy the diversity the most.”

At Single Estate Coffee they always have the quality of the coffee in mind with everything they do. All choices they make are carefully weighed by asking themselves what a decision will do to the endproduct. This can be all sorts of choices varying from packaging, storage conditions, travelling, roasting to training and knowledge transfer.

Why Giesen Coffee Roasters?

It is now over 2 years ago that Single Estate Coffee purchased a W45 Coffee Roaster and we asked why they have chosen us.

W45A at Single Estate Coffee Roasters

“There is a match between Giesen and the specialty coffee market. They really understand what’s going on and what is important for their roasters. Their technique is up-to-date and they are innovative when it comes to embracing new tools and techniques. “

“One example is the integration with Cropster software for the roast profile system. This is very important. We also appreciate that they are very accessible and have a personal approach. This makes it easy to connect with them when needed.”

More information

You can visit the website of Single Estate Coffee for more information. Should you have any questions for us, feel free to contact us.

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