Coffee Mixer

Use the Giesen mixer to blend your coffee blends smoothly and accurately. Because the mixer can be moved using the wheels, you can always place it in the location that suits you best. Simply load the beans through the top of the blender, and you can easily take out the blended coffee by using the release valve. Quick, and easy!

  • Mix your coffee blends smoothly and accurately
  • Available in 150 and 300 KG capacities
  • Mobile and versatile
  • Precise rotation speed adjustment options

How does it work?

The operation of the mixer is simple; unload the beans you want to mix into the mixing container, start the mixer, select the desired rotation speed, and you’re done! Now run the mixer until your desired blend is achieved, and turn the mixer off again. The coffee can then be discharged again by means of the release valve.

Giesen Destoners

What's the difference?


Compatible with...

Perfect for large batch blending!

If you regularly need to blend large batches of coffee, the Giesen blender is an excellent accessory. Mobile, flexible, widely adjustable and the excellent build quality that Giesen is known for. Please contact us for the possibilities!


Personal advice

We’re here for you! Over a cup of coffee let’s discuss all the options and find the perfect roaster for you.

Our goal is to make coffee roasting as easy and professional as possible and together take your business to the next level. We think along with you and produce a customized roaster that fits all your needs and adds value to your business.