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Ever wondered how the Giesen Profiler can transform your roasting game? Now’s your chance to find out! Experience Profiler with a 14-day trial and unlock the secrets to perfect roasts for your business. Don’t miss out on this essential tool for elevating your roasting journey!

Are you ready for Giesen Profiler 2.0?

Introducing the highly anticipated Giesen Profiler 2.0! We’ve carefully considered the feedback we’ve received over time and made significant enhancements to bring you an even better experience. Explore the upgraded features and additions that make Giesen Profiler 2.0 the ultimate choice.


How to roast?

Looking to grasp a comprehensive understanding of how Giesen Profiler 2.0 operates and unlock the full potential of its new features? Make sure to explore our informative how-to video on the website!

Conditions & Actions

Future-proof, silky performance.

Using the profiler is beginner-friendly: You’re free to create your own profile by simply ‘clicking and dragging’ for your set points. Using these set points, you can adjust various aspects of the machine. Editing the air temperature, power, and drum speed are just a few examples of what the software has to offer.

The new and improved split-screen chart feature allows you to split the current roast profile, creating a more visible graph.

Unlimited data 

Easy-to-use editor.

With Giesen Profiler, you can create intelligent roasting profiles using triggers. This means that when your roast reaches a specific condition or a certain time point, you can trigger multiple subsequent actions.

For example, you can configure Giesen Profiler to reduce the power to 10% as soon as your bean temperature reaches a specific target temperature. If you have an industrial roaster, you can also automate the intake or control the stirrer, among other features, using the new Profiler 2.0.

By listening to our customers, we have also developed a more intuitive editor. It is now more user-friendly, and even more factors can be adjusted in the software.


Enhanced design features.

Personalization has never been easier with Profiler! Customize charts with various colors and adjust the line width to match your personal preference.

With the 2.0 update, the software has been designed to be more flexible and accommodating for adding new features at a later stage. Features like controlling silos and toggling the GCC on and off are no longer limited to after the roast has been completed; they can now be adjusted right away, allowing you to fine-tune your roasts to perfection.

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We are here to help you answer your questions about the Giesen Profiler

Step one: create an account on
You will receive an email with the steps to take to get your Profiler.

Step two: create a company
After you’ve created an account, you will see your dashboard. Click on ‘create’. This way you will create a company. By creating a company you can later add your subscription to your company. Fill in the details and press save.

Step three: Adding the subscription
You will see your dashboard again. Click on ‘show’ to see your details. You will see your billing information, the users added to your company and on the right a button with: ‘Add subscription’.  When you click on it you will see our subscriptions.

Ever wondered how the Giesen Profiler can help you find the perfect roast? Now you can find out… How to get your hands on the trial? Create an account at

Already have an account at MyGiesen? Click here to apply for the trial. Enter your roaster serial number with your invoice number (of your Giesen roaster purchase) and the trial is immediately ready for you. Download Giesen Profiler and log in. Now you have 14 days to get accustomed to a great roasting experience.

We want you to try the Giesen Profiler for 14 days and understand why this program is essential for your business. Enter your roaster serial number and your invoice number and the trial is immediately ready for you. Download the Profiler and log in. Now you have 14 days to get accustomed to a great roasting experience. You can upgrade to a paid account at any time.

We will remind you three days before your trial expires. You won’t be charged for the trial. We want to be as transparent as possible and hope you will be convinced by the free trial period. No strings attached.

When you are ready to upgrade to a paid account, go to and navigate to your account details. Now you can upgrade to a lifetime-, monthly- or yearly plan. When you upgrade your trial account to a paid subscription, all of your profiles and roasts remain intact. If you plan on cancelling your trial, you can export your data before your account is cancelled. Your trial will automatically end when the 14-day trial is over.

No. The trial period is entirely free. You also don´t need to fill in any method of payment.

We offer monthly, yearly or lifetime plans.

With one subscription you can connect to one roaster at the same time. You can reconnect to other roasters but only one at a time.

Triggers are based on the ‘if this then that’-statement. As conditions you can choose between time, air temperature, rate of rise, bean temperature, events (like the turning point, first crack etc) or previous triggers. As actions, you can choose from air temperature, power, drum speed, drum pressure and an alarm.