W1 Series

W1 Series

The W1 series is a small roaster, with big possibilities. It combines high quality and extensive functionalities in a compact and easy-to-use roaster. Perfect for small batches and available in two options. 

  • Small design for big purposes
  • Up to 1,5 kg per batch | 6 kg per hour
  • 150 kg
  • Roast on gas or electricity

Small batches with high quality flavors

This compact roaster fits and looks perfect in every roastery. It is handmade by craftsmen with the highest quality materials. Use this model for roasting small batches of high-quality coffee or for test roasting and experimenting.

  • Batch size
    Batch size

    100 - 1500 gram

  • Certifications

    CE Certified
    AGA Certified

  • W1E

    Electric heating

  • W1A

    Natural/Propane/Butane Gas

W1 Series

What's the difference?

Photos: Emilija Barcyte
Why Emanuelis Ryklys loves our W1A

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W1 Series


Like all our roasters, the W1 Series is fully customizable. Change the body paint, handles, and the accent colors.


Did you know..

That all our roasters are carefully designed to roast AND cool at the same time? All our roasters also have a fast cooling option, which quickly cools down your coffee beans. This is important to preserve the maximum freshness and quality of your coffee.

Perfect size for every roastery

W1 Series In Action

Available in two options: the electric W1E or the gas W1A. Want to roast eco-friendly? Choose the W1E roaster. An electric coffee roaster, designed to roast indoors without gas and near to zero emission.

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Full control roasting

This compact roaster offers exactly what you need for full control and high-quality roasting. Adjust the drum speed, airspeed, and temperature and be amazed by the controlled roasting process. Enjoy the profession of roasting exactly the way you had in mind!

Optional: Table 

  • Drum speed regulation

    46 - 70 Hz (min.-max.)​

  • Power regulation

    0 - 100%

  • Air pressure regulation

    80 - 180 Pa (min.-max.)​

Compatible with..

SFE Filter

Our W1 Series is fully compatible with our SFE filter. When coffee beans are being roasted, there will always be the undesirable emission of by-products like smoke, smell and dust. This is part of the process, but can be troublesome to your company and the environment. To reduce this we provide SFE filters that absorb part of the byproducts. 

W140A roaster

Also a great addition:

Giesen Profiler

Giesen Profiler is invented to record your roasting sessions and to repeat profiles automatically. It helps you keep track of all your roasting sessions and lets you export them. Basically, Giesen Profiler saves you valuable time. 

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